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Goodguy Hopper (GGH) is one of the prodigal sons of Duelyst. Self-stylized as the positioning G.O.A.T GGH has backed up this claim by touting an impressive 66 to 29 win-loss (69.5%) record in Duelyst Tournaments and making the top 8 in 17 out of the 20(85.0%) tournaments he has played in. Despite his tournament record GGH is best known in Duelyst for his writing, authoring the positioning guides on the official page as well as being the inventor and lead design for the Power rankings. Outside of Duelyst GGH is a high school math teacher and football coach.

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Mid-Range Decimus Starhorn
Mid-range Starhorn

GGH has been looking into the concept of “legacy” decks and his most recent article explores the merits of The Decimus + Tectonic spikes shell that he feels is “always a good deck.”

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