Tournament Report: Dec 7

Opening Thoughts

Recently the Duelyst Competitive scene has been in a bit off an offseason due to Meltdown League ending, with a few minor tournaments being run by Meltdown Esports to keep people playing until the next major league starts, however, that offseason came to an end last week with the start of Team Wars 6, A team vs team faceoff where each team plays 6 decks (one of each faction) and faces off against another team each week in a swiss format bo11 until narrowing the teams down and going to playoffs.

Team Wars 6

Last week kicked off the first week of Team Wars 6 and as is the nature of the first few weeks of a tournament it is unclear who the contenders for first are going to be, however, if I had to make a grand final prediction which we can come back and look at 10-12 weeks from now I would Juveys Disciples vs Keepers of the Ale. If you wish to participate in team wars it is hosted by the ever-present Meltdown Esports and RHacker93 and can be found through the discord link

Head to Head Week 1

Reapers Army (6) vs Faster than Flicker (0)

Keepers of the Ale (6) vs Schizolanostomosis Septocalimangioma (2)

MonkaS Rankers (6) vs Capsaicin Crusaders (4)

Alabakis (6) vs Peepee Poopoo Team (1)

Juveys Disciples (6) vs Komodo Friends (3)

Top Performers Week 1

FrostArrow (Reapers Army) 6-0

ArcticLion (Alabakis) 6-0

Poncho Mango (Keepers of the Ale) 4-2

TW6 Decklists

Reapers Army

Juveys Disciples

Faster than Flicker

Schizolanostomosis Septocalimangioma

Keeper of the Ale

Komodo Friends

Capsaicin Crusaders

MonkaS Rankers

Peepee Poopoo Team


TW6 Faction Statistics

Factions Wins Losses Percentage
Lyonar 4 6 40.00%
Songhai 3 5 37.50%
Vetruvian 3 8 27.27%
Abyssian 6 7 46.15%
Magmar 12 5 70.59%
Vanar 12 5 70.59%

TW6 Format Rules

Team Wars matches are played in the “Last Hero Standing” format. Each team will have access to one deck from every faction. At the beginning of a match the team captains will discuss with their teams and select a faction to send as well as a player to send. They will relay this information to the other team’s captain. For the first match this can be done either through a third party or both captains can agree to announce their first round player/faction combinations simultaneously. At the conclusion of the game the winning player/faction must continue playing. The losing faction is eliminated for that team. The losing team then must choose another faction to play and will announce the name of the faction they are sending as well as the player playing it. A single player may only play as a maximum of two factions in a given match. If the winning player is unable to continue the match there are two resolutions to the problem. The player may change and their deck may either continue to be played by another player on their team or the deck can be forfeited. In the case that the deck is forfeited the other team will announce which player/faction they are sending next and the team that forfeited the deck will then have time to discuss before announcing who they send next. When one team no longer has any remaining factions to send the match will conclude. In the event that there are no longer any remaining players for a team but that team still has factions available the team may either choose to forfeit. schedule the remainder of the matches for a later late, forfeit or contact a manager/admin and ask if one of the present players can get permission to play as additional factions.


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