Deck Tech: One Lizard Army


How the deck plays:

In the early game this deck is generally aiming to build Vaath’s attack as much as you can while preventing your opponent from getting too out of hand by preventing them from taking mana tiles and building up a large board before you have the tools to deal with it. Cards like Cryptographer and Vaath’s Brutality are going to be very important as they will allow you to quickly push your attack the point where your opponent is not able to efficiently trade their low drop minions into you. Doing this will allow you to preserve your removal cards rather than running your hand low which is important as this deck doesn’t run any draw. How aggressive you should be with your Vaath positioning is really dependent on how how aggressive your opponent is. Against more aggressive decks you’ll want to be falling back and trying to survive till you can safely cast cards like Earth Sphere and Saurian Finality but against value based decks you’ll want to be pushing towards the opponent’s general early.

By the time you hit the midgame you’ll probably want to have 4-5 attack built up on your general to safely remove many of the threats coming down at this point in the game. During this point you should also be trying to set up for a big swing turn using either Plasma Storm or Homeostatic Rebuke. This should equalize the board and put you in a position where you are either given some breathing room against aggressive decks or allow you to really start pushing attacks into your opponent’s face against value decks. Once you’ve managed to use one of your wipes to even out the board you’ll then be at a point where you should have a number of options for how you want to continue. In general you’ll want to keep removing whatever minions your opponent is developing while attempting to close the distance between your generals.

The late game oftentimes revolves using Saurian Finality to keep yourself alive while approaching your opponent. After casting Finality you’ll be the aggressor in almost every matchup so most of your remaining cards will just be dedicated to specifically removing the minions that are stuck between you and your opponent. If you can manage to break through to your opponent’s general you can pretty much just drop a Drogon and finish the game as your opponent will often be down to around half health at this point and especially post Finality you’ll easily be dealing 18 or more damage on a Drogon empowered swing.

Final Notes:

While this deck can be fun to play and win with it’s not a deck that I would consider to be exceptionally powerful right now. There are many cards that do cause some very real problems for a strategy revolving almost wholeheartedly around your own general and your weakness to a majority of the dispel effects in the game can make things difficult. That being said the deck is very satisfying to win with as your wins will usually be due to a giant damage swing using your face and the subgame of managing and sequencing your removal can be a great learning experience for learning the value of different pieces of removal at different points in the game.

Also I’d like to say a big thank you to all my patrons who help support me in making these deck techs along with helping to give me the time to run and plan Duelyst tournaments!


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