Deck Tech: NH3Maser – Demonic Value


Preface: Hey so this is the first week I’ve actually done a review of another player’s decklist rather than my own and I’ve worked it a little bit differently. Instead of simply taking an archetype and trying to make it better I decided to not change any of the cards in the original list and just see how it feels.

How the deck plays:

This deck plays a lot like most traditional value decks do. You’ll want to commit either a Mystic or an Ooz to the board early but since there are so few early drops don’t be afraid to play out a Bloodtear if it means you’ll be able to ramp into a Dioltas. In general you’ll want to be willing to spend time removing your opponent’s early minions if possible as this makes it much more difficult for them to threaten the mana tiles. This is very important as taking the mana tiles yourself will often allow you to develop an early threat while still having the mana to use your removal to control your opponent’s board. Bound tormentor is also a card that is going to be at its strongest during the early game as your opponent will likely not have the extra mana to play a throwaway minion and you’ll usually be able to pick up a discounted 3-4 drop.

The midgame of this deck tends to revolve around out-tempoing your opponent. With Cass as your general you’ll have a full suite of removal to choose from and with many of your threats being around 4-5 mana you should be able to utilize tiles to simultaneously develop threats while also removing your opponents minions. This should give you the opening you need to get a decent amount of chip damage in on your opponent and can lead to just killing them. Kron and Dioltas are your best friends here and I’m happy to hold onto multiple copies of either.

In the late game you’ll have a few choices for how you want to play things out. During this time you’ll be looking for either Blue Conjurer or Desolator alongside spells that you can use alongside them. If you’re on the Desolator plan you’ll likely want to work a bit more aggressively as Desolator is able to offset the damage you’ll be taking while also being an incredible to for chipping away at your opponent’s life. If you’re going the Conjurer route you’ll probably want to play more defensively as you’ll be more likely to take advantage of the expensive Arcanysts that it generates. Additionally if you’ve managed to provoke your opponent at this point in the game you’ll probably want to hold onto a Betrayal as they’ll be forced to play minions adjacent to their general. However if the opponent is not locked down I would generally suggest pitching Betrayal to look for a higher value card.

Final Notes:

Honestly this deck had impressed me. I didn’t agree with all of the choices and I couldn’t really see how it would come together. That being said I was actually amazed by how strong Kron and Dioltas were when you paired them with Cassyva’s removal suite. This along actually gives me some hope that there could be an unknown midrange Cass deck out there just begging to be tested. All that being said though this deck was great fun and even for the less consistent cards I had some really good times and pulled off some pretty sweet wins. So in conclusion probably not one of the strongest decks I’ve ever played but great fun and there may be more potential to this archetype than I had initially given credit.

Also thank you again to NH3Maser for the decklist. : )

Also I’d like to say a big thank you to all my patrons who help support me in making these deck techs along with helping to give me the time to run and plan Duelyst tournaments!


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