Deck Tech: Eye See Dead People

How the deck plays:

The early game of this deck is all about finding your low drops and Spelljammers. You low drops will help you take control of the board early on and dropping a Spelljammer will allow you to dump your hand with impunity while still keeping enough cards in hand for Stygian to have a big impact on the turn where it actually does come down. You’ll generally want to be making favorable trades here but make sure to keep your own minions on the board as you’ll want to be in as dominant a position as you can moving into the mid game.

In the mid game this deck will generally want to be trying to continue to develop the board while also looking for an opening to drop a Furor Chakram or setting up the board for when you hit your 7 mana turn to allow yourself to have some minions to trade off on the turn where you drop your Stygian. All in all it’s okay to start falling a little bit behind on the board here but do your best to keep minions on the board. This is also a time where you can even possibly start to open up your general a bit if you’re on the Stygian plan as doing this will both protect your minions as well as possibly allowing you to pull off a big Necrotic Sphere as a lead up to dropping Stygian.

The late game of this deck is pretty much consistent of trying to close out the game either though Stygian Observer in combination with rush minions or Furor Chakram in combination with a Spectral Revenant. By the mid game you should know which of these you’re trying to end the game with and so long as your general isn’t under a lot of pressure you should be able to break through whatever defenses your opponent is able to put up and close out the game.

Final Notes:

All and all I think this is actually the best meta I’ve seen for this deck. Right now with decks like Wanderer, Fault, Titan and Eggs being a force playing to the board is far more common than being bursted down by more aggressive decks. This is great for Stygian Observer as its usage of Furor Chakram as well as the incredible scaling potential of Stygian makes these matchup much more bearable. Fault in particular can have some problems trying to deal with this deck especially if you’re able to bait out their Blood of Airs before Stygian is played. Furor Chakram on its own makes dealing with the minions from the Fault much easier and if you can keep your Chakram alive a Spectral Revenant can be lethal from almost any life total. In addition to this Ka is actually a fairly terrible method of removing both Revenants and Stygian as it has to hit both of them multiple times just to clear. In addition to this Chrakram’s lack of attack makes Ka a pretty mediocre answer to it too. Essentially so long as you play around the wayward Superior Mirage I actually think this deck acts as an excellent counter to a very powerful deck while also holding its own against much of the meta.

Also I’d like to say a big thank you to all my patrons who help support me in making these deck techs along with helping to give me the time to run and plan Duelyst tournaments!


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