Deck Tech: Dawn’s Eyeggro


How the deck plays:

The early game of this deck can be fairly straightforward. In general you’re playing an aggressive deck so you’ll be wanting to develop your low cost minions early in order to take control of the board. Optimally in this time you’ll be able to set up a board will allow you to take advantage of the variety of low cost powerful minions to trade up against your opponent and have them on the back foot moving into the middle portion of the game. Optimally by the end of the early game you should have a couple of low drops on the field as well as some sort of value generating card such as Arclyte Regalia or Spelljammer to make sure you don’t have to overcommit to keep up during the mid game.

When entering the midgame you should be starting to think about how you’ll want to be finishing the game. I went into this in detail in the deck tech but this is where you should be deciding how you can use the resources you have to approach that end game. In general this will mean turning on the aggression to the point where you will be able to close out the game with your finisher of choice. While the way you do this is largely dependent on the cards that you have and they board that you’ve developed you’ll likely want to be trading the minions you have to open a path to their face and then chipping in as much damage as possible which will open the maximum number of ways to win once the late game hits and your opponent begins to retake control of the board.

The late game of this deck will really be looking to burst out your opponent to take the win. By this stage of the game you will likely be starting to fall behind your opponent in terms of cards in hand and on board. However your opponent should be close enough to dead by now that you will be able to use the reminder of your cards to sneak in those last few points of damage. This may take a few turns to do but at this point you should really be looking for those last few points of damage rather than trying to suppress any sort of board your opponent is setting back up.

Final Thoughts:

This deck is quite interesting as at its heart it is incredibly simple. Your cards are all doing fairly straightforward things. That being said the way this deck plays out it is very difficult to pilot correctly and even small mistakes can be game losing. This deck is a great lesson for anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of playing an aggressive deck in Duelyst. As for where it falls in the meta I would say it’s alright. It has a fine Wanderer matchup but does fold a bit to the heal based Zir’an decks as they’re often able outheal you to the point where they grind you out of cards before you’re able to close out the game. That being said aside from Zir’an the deck has plenty of game in a world full of slow trial decks and decks you’re often able to outpace them before they’re able to generate value off of their trials.

Also I’d like to say a big thank you to all my patrons who help support me in making these deck techs along with helping to give me the time to run and plan Duelyst tournaments!


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