Duelyst Central Spotlight: Grandmaster Briguy77

Greetings & Salutations Doolers, IceyFire here and to celebrate the halfway point of RHackers Meltdown League (albeit a little bit late of a celebration) I am doing a player spotlight with the number 1 rated player in the league as of the last few weeks as well as one of the duelyst greats sporting the titles DWC player of the year and Grandmaster.

What are these titles some of you may be asking, Well my friend back in 2016 the Duelyst competitive scene was booming we had weekly tournaments such as Duelyst Melee and Dawn of the Duelysts offering circuit points that built up to an invitational tournament under the same name. We had Snowchaser cup which would have a $200 payout and biggest of all we had The Duelyst World Championships where over the course of a year we had Qualifiers, Duelyst Opens and many other community-organized tournaments that gave players circuit points to contribute to a huge invitational tournament at the end of the year. The 16 Players invited to that tournament were given the title Grandmaster and the player that had the most circuit points by the end of the DWC season was given the title DWC Player of the Year.

Briguy is one of the most consistent Duelyst players based off tournament placements and he has proved that fact time and time again whether it be during DWC Season, Meltdown League or any era in between if Briguy competes you better be afraid.

Player Card

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 12.41.45 pm.png

Meet The Player

Could you tell us a little about your history?

I had basically no experience with CCGs before duelyst – played a little Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh as a kid, but neither of them seriously at all. However, I’ve always loved strategy board games of any kind, so Duelyst certainly intrigued me. A friend introduced me to it in February 2016 and I was hooked! I started playing more seriously in April 2016 when I realized I could reasonably work towards building a good and fun deck and getting to S-rank. I was super interested in a slower Faie deck, with walls and Jax and Razorback. In summer 2016 I started getting involved with competitive stuff, and it turned out I was pretty decent at it. No major wins, but a few top 4s and knocking out some good players. DWC started in August, and I played in every DWC sanctioned tournament I could. You could score from a max for 4 per month, and I think I usually played 4 or 5. Fall of 2016 was definitely my best showing – I was winning quite a few of them and hit Top 4 in one of the giant DWC qualifiers before losing to Yukarin. I kept fighting for a spot throughout the winter and spring, picking up some more wins and another Top 4 at a large qualifier. Dragall and I were in a very close race for total DWC points at the end of the year, and I barely edged out ahead of him with a stronger finish in the last tournament, earning “player of the year” and a spot at DWC. (Though the player of the year is somewhat misleading since anyone who qualified before me had no reason to earn more points…)
DWC came and went, I ended 8th in that, going 2-1 in my group (I think?) and then getting knocked out early in the elimination bracket. After that, the competitive scene died down quite a bit, and since then I’ve been playing off and on in tournaments as they popped up. Team wars 4 happened in here as well, and Juvey’s Disciples (the team I was on) took first (praise Juvey and his Revenants). Team wars 5 was probably the other big event to happen, and we had the best record in the season, but then didn’t make the cut into top 4 with the way the qualifier was structured. I’m super excited that big tourneys are back with Meltdown League, and I’m definitely going to give it my best shot to keep up the pace! We’re only halfway through, so I could definitely drop. I’m not getting too comfortable yet 🙂
You said you didn’t play much CCG’s before duelyst, have you branched out from duelyst since?
Nope, still my one and only! I tried Faeria, but didn’t like it as much
Your tournament history is one of the best out of most players in this game, What do you do while preparing for tournaments?
First, I have to pick deck(s). What decks are strong? Do I want to play a strong one or a counter? For me, it takes a good 20-30 games before I’m comfortable with a deck, so if I want to play something new, I have to play with it a bunch. Whether it’s doing a bunch of ladders or knowing it from past experience, I should be able to justify every card in the deck and know how to pilot it well. How do I position things? Which cards do I replace in certain matchups? Those turn-to-turn decisions really make or break games, and I think the consistency of knowing what I should do in most positions is what helps.
Over the past 7 weeks you’ve been playing Wanderer Ragnora, What would you say are the top 3 decks right now and why?
In the context of meltdown league:
1. Wanderer rag. It’s just so versatile – you can tech it to so many matchups, and while you’re not guaranteed to draw those techs, the ability to replace away bad cards can really let you sculpt your hand to the current match. Also, the variance is really good for tourneys – if you flash wanderer, you win like 90% of the time, and having an auto-win like that is super good for tournaments
2. Ziran – on top of already being a fantastic deck, she has so many mind games. You can sideboard titan for a mixup, play aggro, play a slightly slower variant, and they’re all really good.
3. Zirix – cataclysmic fault, khanuum’ka, insane removal, etc… zirix is just super strong, and can also react to lots of different matchups with techs, much like wanderer rag
My final question. You’re one of the original Grandmasters as well as player of the year from back during DWC season, What do you think of the current competitive state of duelyst?
I definitely miss the days when there were big tournaments every week – it has died down since then, and I think a lot of that has to do with the decrease in prizing. But Meltdown League starting up has been a huge success at getting everyone together again, so that has been great to see! Huge props to everyone in the Meltdown League for putting together this awesome event, and I’m hopeful that this tourney will continue to keep up the scene and show that there are still a lot of people interested in competitive Duelyst.

Major Tournament History

7th Place – Duelyst World Championships

14th Place – Duelyst Melee Season 1 Grand Melee

5th Place – Duelyst Open #4

3rd Place – DWC February Season Qualifier

15th Place – DWC January Season Qualifier

26th Place – Duelyst Open #3

12th Place – DWC Demeber Season Qualifier

2nd Place – 7th Snowchaser Cup (Season 2)

3rd Place – 6th Snowchaser Cup (Season 2)

3rd Place – DWC September Season Qualifier

1st Place – 5th Snowchaser Cup (Season 2)

2nd Place – 4th Snowchaser Cup (Season 2)

4th Place – Dawn of the Duelysts Season 2 Finals

Top 16 – Duelyst Open #1

3rd Place – DWC August Season Qualifier

9th Place – 3rd Snowchaser Cup (Season 2)

3rd Place – 2nd Snowchaser Cup (Season 2)

5th Place – 1st Snowchaser Cup (Season 2)

5th Place – Dawn of the Duelysts Season 1 Finale



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