Tournnament Report: August 9

Greetings and salutations Doolers! Week 4 of Meltdown League has completed and with it comes another Tournament Report. Meltdown League is a 12 week Duelyst League run completely by the community for the community and the only Duelyst Tournament currently occurring and most likely will be for the foreseeable future. If you aren’t currently competing I highly suggest you do! The tournament is highly accessible and a great learning environment not to mention the ~$375 cash prize. If you wish to compete do so by joining this discord and get in contact with the Admins or Managers:

Current Standings

DracoMoriarty 1
Briguy77 2
frostarrow 3
ImprobableBlob 4
Zabiool 5
Pierced 6
xx420icicle420xx 7
SonofMakuta 8
Poncho Mango 9
Galeru 10
Starkly 12
themightybaloon 13
Ryvirath 14
Kieran 15
Spammernoob 16
AlphaCentury 17
Starhorny 18
DeathsAdvocate 19
IceyFire95 20
sibon 21
laatdovahkiin 22
4LW 23
mitjinxter 24
Hobotrashcanfire 25
OCarnifexO 26
Solarpie 27
Boronian 28
Rocksaint 29
zeza2 30
Niklaren 31
Jim9137 32
linkarl 34
Hellgin 35
Rocken 36
Lyvern 37
lbodd 38
MEgix 39
Meziljie 40
rustyrat 41
FastAndBlast 42
bearhammer 43
ArcticLion 44
viltsu10 45
Notflygon 46
Vampsmilie 47
Lightningfeet 48
gaara99 49
Aleks47 50
Dashaavatar 51
GSValhalla 52
Hryst 54
Sifthegreat 55
mmf 56
Germa 57
Snowshot 58
TM25 59
Nelda 60
phoenixtoasches 61
LAlumberjack 62
NLtheNguLoz 63
Fudizzle 64
goodguyhopper 65
asmodeanforsaken 66
JonSpectre 67
chunkypapa 68
Armadillosquared 69
LingoWing 71
Chuyqwerty 72
UnoPro 73
peakyy 74
Leglock 75
limetea 76
StormPhoenix 77
PixelHunter 78
Jlddugan 79

Top Individual Performers

Zabiool (6-0)


Icicle (6-0)


Starhorny (6-0)


TheMightyBaloon (6-0)

Alphacentury (6-1)


Briguy77 (6-1)


Dracomoriarty (6-2)


LightningFeet (6-1)


Faction Statistics

This week of MDL has been very interesting for the development of the league’s meta with some statistics that most people wouldn’t have seen coming. Coming out of nowhere this week was Vanar with Faie tieing with Zirix and beating Ziran, Argeon, and Reva making it the tied second most played generally this week, another development that caught me off-guard was the small amount of Ziran which is probably an example of the meta evolving around a powerful deck and phasing that deck out similar to what happened to fault on ladder recently. Do I think Faie will last? No, probably not but it’s nice to see her get her minute of popularity that she hasn’t seen in many meta’s

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