Quick Hits: Duelyst is not Dead (Big News)

Duelyst is not Dead

by Kirabi

So twice in the last two months I have prepared myself to write an article on “The State of Duelyst.” The tone of these pieces was going to be mostly negative because we had no news of what was going on and we had to depend on the information we had. Those bits and pieces of info did not paint a great picture. But on today’s Duelyst Central Podcast (it will be posted later on youtube but here is the Twitch Link Duelyst Central Podcast) we got great news from CPG if you are a fan of Duelyst. I took some notes and I have put my interpretation of the news along with it.


1. Duelyst is confirmed to be running indefinitely and they’re going to keep creating content for Duelyst

What does that mean? It sounds like they are committed to making new content to Duelyst as long as they are around.

2. Content is slowing this year

That was expected by most players after merging everything back together in one queue and reverting set rotation. Duelyst is not Hearthstone or Shadowverse and honestly they should be focusing on delivering significant content when they release something, not just because, “Oh we have to make content.”

3. Significant content in the 4th quarter

That sounds a lot like the next expansion


4. Plans to expand the player base

This point was the most unclear to me. I have never heard of people having problems connecting while playing Duelyst but it seems there are places/countries with people who couldn’t directly play Duelyst. But to me another thing this could mean is localizing to different languages. I have always said to people that Duelyst has two more population boosts to come (the other one being mobile) and Duelyst doesn’t have a client in Spanish, Chinese, French and couple of other major languages. Just decent success in China or Japan could extend the game life some more.

5. Working on another strategy game that will carry the soul of the Duelyst.

This could be seen as a tiny bit of negative news but me personally I love the setting of Duelyst. If Duelyst was ever to go I would still want to play something in this setting. There are multiple games that CPG is working on. As much I like Duelyst the pixel art was a polarizing aesthetic. It is easy to say Duelyst would have more players if the art style was different.

6. Hinted at new staff in the future

This wasn’t announced and just hinted at in the podcast


I am not going to tell you that everything is sunshine and rainbows. Duelyst faces a rough patch ahead of it these next couple of months without an expansion on the way and it is going to be a test of the player base. The one thing that can be said is you don’t have to worry about them shutting down the servers and leaving the game as a corpse. I am not going to lie to you guys I was done with Duelyst until the devs said anything. I am still a little disappointed that this news didn’t come in a more official format but this news is more important than disappointment in dev’s communication methods. It’s for the love of the game of Duelyst. I am happy that we have new content coming and we can look forward to a future in Duelyst for a long while. So call off the apocalypse!

Duelyst is not Dead

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One comment

  1. Hope so.
    I really think its an unprofessional move
    Not having communication to the players in general.
    I know that they are busy making a new game but would it be just better if they had told us months ago.
    Compaired to waiting avoiding communication with player base due to them being busy.
    Even if you are busy you still do need to tell your player base whats up
    Why we havent updated yet
    And whats happening to the team.
    People are going to take the hint that they stopped caring about the game and just move on
    And they wont ever come back

    A few lines like
    “Hey guys updates will be slow this coming months since we will be making another game”
    Or what ever
    Instead they waited all this time
    And made us think they stopped caring
    Even tho
    You told us the next update will be in october
    You still do need to communicate with the playrbase

    Card sneak peak or what ever


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