Taskmaster Beatrix budget guide

This week’s boss fight pits you against Taskmaster Beatrix. Today I’ll cover her deck and how I beat her using a Vanar and a Magmar deck, both consisting entirely of basic and common cards.

Taskmaster Beatrix


Above you can see Beatrix and her Bloudbound Spell. This boss fight is pretty simple, there are no sneaky tricks or tokens like with Skurge last week. The only thing I have to say about her is that Build minions and Transformed minions don’t act like battle pets, so use that to your advantage if you want to.

As with most boss fights both players start with one extra mana and the initial state of the board is shown above this post.

Dealing with Taskmaster Beatrix

Beatrix deck

This is Beatrix’ deck. It’s practically entirely filled with minions as she never plays Divine Spark, I found out about them because she burned them. Out of these minions there are a couple dangerous ones:

  • Celestial Phantom can really do a number to your board if you don’t have a minion with 5+ attack or a removal spell ready to kill it.
  • Crimson Oculus could potentially spiral out of control, however, that hasn’t happened to me so I wouldn’t be too worried about it.
  • Grimrock on the other hand can quickly become too large to handle if she plays it early so you’ll want to pack something into your deck to deal with it and mulligan for it early.
  • Sunsteel Defenders, though having a weak body wreck you because Battle Pets are bad at dealing with Divine Shield. My preferred tech against them is Gnasher as it gives you a clean 1-for-1 trade while dealing AoE damage.
  • Hamon Bladeseeker is a big boy and can do a lot of damage, but it comes out late enough that you’ll have built up a board that it needs to trade through before it can reach your face.
  • Juggernauts are by far the most dangerous cards Beatrix plays and you will absolutely need an answer for them.

My strategies

My deck (1)

After beating Beatrix and scouting her deck I decided upon Vanar to beat her with. This deck went 5/0 against Beatrix and all wins were easy, leaving me with over 20 health every game. The strategy of this deck is to open with a 3-drop and then curve into big threats every turn until you can drop a Worldcore Golem in Beatrix’ face and kill her with it. Alternatively you can also easily beat her up with all the other big bodies in your deck if you don’t draw into Worldcores. Play your opening 3-drop behind you so it doesn’t die for free

Mulligan guide:

  • Try to look for a 3-drop, Gnasher and Cryogenesis or Chromatic Cold.
    • The 3-drop being your opener
    • The Gnasher being an answer for Sunsteel
    • The Cryogenesis or Chromatic Cold as an answer for a backline Grimrock/Oculus
  • After that you’ll want to look for Meltwater Moose and Brightmoss Golem
  • You’ll want to have an Aspect card at the ready for whenever Beatrix is able to start dropping her Juggernauts.

Cards you can cut:

  • Hearth-Sister didn’t do much since most minions are too large for your BBS to be effective.
  • I never ended up playing Necroseer, so you could replace him with something.
  • Aspect of the Bear was here in-case I didn’t draw Aspect of the Ravager, but I ended up not really needing it, though it did once help me get rid of a Draugar Lord.

My deck (2)

After having built a succesful Vanar deck I noticed someone on reddit asking for a Lyonar or Magmar strategy so I thought i’d do the guy a favor and make a Vaath deck.

This one is fairly similar to the Vanar one. Drop a 3-drop or a Hulk behind yourself turn 1, curve into big threats and kill them with these big threats.

  • Phalanxar is here as removal since Beatrix’ minions will trade themselves with the closest minion you can force them to trade into a Phalanxar for free.
  • Krater, Skorn and Plasma Storm were here for Juggernaut, I didn’t end up using them much, but they weren’t a liability either.
  • Gnasher is the same story as last deck, use it to answer Sunsteels or get good AoE clears if the situation allows for it.
  • Kolossus is really strong here since you can often guarantee it getting to grow the next turn and often even survive afterwards. This card can win you the game on its own.

In the mulligan look for a 3-drop or a Hulk, Gnasher or a Shroud to deal with Grimrocks.

Possible cuts are:

  • Krater
  • Diamond Golem, I used this one instead of  Stormmetal Golems, but I’m not quite sure how much difference they made. Just replace them with Stormmetal Golems since you won’t have to craft those.

Good luck beating Taskmaster Beatrix


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