Announcing: Meltdown League

Hi everyone, Meltdown Town here with a big announcement!

We’ve been brewing over this for some time now but we’re finally ready to say that we’re turning the Meltdown League into a fully fledged league tournament! This will be a community run and organised tournament with help from multiple individuals and groups within the Duelyst community. For those of you familiar with it this tournament is looking to serve as a spiritual successor to the Duelyst Pro League of yore but is open to everyone. The only qualification necessary is that you just have to sign up!


We want to put together the tournament that you, the players, want to play in and as such we’ve polled players across the Duelyst community to find out just what kind of tournament people really want to play in. This is a tournament made for the people who don’t have time to play in the normal tournaments, for those who want to play in a tournament with a chance to win some real money, a tournament where you can join even if all you own is a single deck.


We hope you come and join us on this journey where we’ll have Duelyst, giveaways, streams and a prize at the end of the tunnel!

If you’d like to join then just follow this link to join the discord where you can easily sign up from the #sign~ups channel. Signups will be open right up until the end of the Matcherino campaign and then we’ll be able to get this thing started!

Discord Link:

Also if you don’t feel like playing in the tournament but would be interested in helping fund this community event feel free to donate to either our matcherino or directly to the Meltdown Town twitch channel! All money donated will go directly to the prize pool for this event!

Matcherino Link:

Thanks again and hope to see many of you out here!
-Meltdown Town Team


P.S. if you’re a content creator and would like to contribute a donation incentive then feel free to message RHacker93#5450 on discord!


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