Skurge budget guide

After Archmagus Vol’s pathetic showing last week, this week Skurge decided to show us what a real boss is made of. In this post I’ll cover his deck and how to beat it with a deck almost solely consisting of basics and commons (only 3 rares included.)

Skurge (and Valiant)

Above you can see Skurge and his Bloudbound Spell as well as Valiant. When Skurge drops below 16 health Valiant is summoned on a random tile on the board and Skurge becomes immune to damage until Valiant is gone.

As with most boss fights both players start with one extra mana and the initial state of the board is shown above this post.

Dealing with Skurge

Skurge deck

This is Skurge’s deck, it’s almost completely filled with Ranged Minions and removal. Skurge is a very oppressive boss that will force you to spend every turn removing his threats while trying not to die to his endless stream of damage. Luckily Skurge constantly deals damage to himself so you don’t have to worry much about killing him, just about staying alive and keeping the board clear.

After 3 turns Skurge will have put himself to 16 health, meaning that if you dealt any damage to him before then he’ll summon Valiant at this moment. However, Valiant can’t move if it is summoned on Skurge’s turn so you get a turn to deal with him.

His most powerful options are:

  • Playing minions far away and buffing them with Shiro Puppydragon.
  • Arrow Whistler on a board of Mini Jaxi’s.
  • Night Watcher, since it’s hard to efficiently remove.
  • Purgatos, the Realmkeeper.
  • Jax Truesight.

My strategy

My deck

After a lot of failed attempts I ended up going for this Vanar deck and went 7/1 against Skurge.

In the mulligan I looked for:

  • An Aspect, preferably Aspect of the Ravager.
  • A durable turn one play: either Wind Stopper or Rescue-RX, preferably the former.
  • A 1-damage AoE for the mini-Jaxi’s, preferring Blistering Skorn over Blinding Snowstorm

Your gameplan is to walk up turn 1 and play Wind Stopper behind you so that the Jaxi’s attack your face and Skurge attacks the Wind Stopper. After this you’ll want to Skorn the Mini Jaxi’s and after that you’ll want to keep removing his board, using an Aspect to transform Valiant as quickly as possible and use healing to stay at a high health total. It’s important to look for opportunities to maximise your Warbird value by trying to get him to play things above and below him and by utilising Hearth-Sisters.

The stars of this deck are Aspect of the Ravager, Azure Herald, Hearth-Sister, Wind Stopper and Blistering Skorn.

Though they have their uses in the matchup, Frostbone Naga and Primus Shieldmaster ended up doing very limited work, so I could see them being replaced.

If you want to make the deck entirely budget-friendly you could take out the Sleet Dashers. They aren’t 100% needed, but did pull a lot of weight allowing me to remove multiple ranged units in one turn with just one minion.

Good luck beating Skurge!


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