Duelyst Central Spotlight Grandmaster RHacker

Duelyst Central Spotlight Grandmaster RHacker

Robert Hacker


Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from?

I’m from the U.S. and I’ve been living in the northeast for most of my life. Honestly I can say that the biggest change that I’ve got going on is that just last week I moved across the country and now I’m seeing where life takes me out here in the West. (I do consider this move to have helped with my win as it helped prove my devotion to the Wanderer archetype)


How did you first find out about Duelyst? How long have you been playing Duelyst?

So I first found out about Duelyst through my friend Dalboz who helped to back it on Kickstarter. They gave me a key to the closed beta and I just ended up getting really into the game. I think I started playing October 2015 right at the end of the closed beta.


Duelyst isn’t you first CCG what is your gaming background?

The first CCG I really got into was Magic the Gathering. I’ve been casually playing Magic since I was around 10 or something. Once I got into high school a bunch of my friends got into the game and I’d host local casual tournaments for us. When I was in college I started playing Magic more competitively and would consistently go to local events and drove out a bit to some larger ones as well.


You just won the Duelyst Melee Classic this past weekend how did you prepare for it or tournaments in general?

So one of the benefits I had going into this tournament was that I knew I was going to be playing Wanderer Ragnora. I know a number of people have moved on from Wanderer right now but I still feel like it’s just the best deck overall. It’s raw strength and ability to adapt to a situation means that it has almost no really bad matchups and with good sideboarding, replacing and sequencing it can reasonably win against almost anything. The big change I made this week was the inclusion of an “aggro” sideboard package that I had put in to help deal with decks like fault that you can’t really reasonably outvalue.



The Grand finals against Niklaren was pretty close what was going through your mind after you loss the first round?

So going into the finals I was a bit concerned because Niklaren was running Wanderer Reva. Aside from my running joke that I refuse to play Songhai I do actually like Ragnora more against the decks that try and play a more uninteractive game as Magmar has access to more healing and raw burst damage than Songhai does. That being said I think that Reva is favored in the Wanderer mirror since they can pretty easily deal with the eggs more than Magmar can deal with endless Heartseekers.

I’m actually pretty proud of my strategy though as I think I’ve finally found out how to make the matchup a bit more equal through sideboarding. Up until this point I’ve just been boarding in my “Wanderer” package of value cards meant to outlast and outvalue other Wanderer decks. However, this hadn’t really done much in the past and I felt like maybe the aggro package would work better. I felt that I was usually able to get Reva down to around 10~ life but just wasn’t able to close the game out against their value once they were able to disengage. As for how well it worked in practice I don’t think it dramatically changes the matchup but I do think that extra bit of burst really does give a bit of an edge and in those tight games every edge counts




You are one of the original grandmasters how do you feel about the state of competitive duelyst?

I mean it’s definitely not where it was when I started playing competitively but I don’t think that’s much of a surprise to anyone. With the draught of major events between DWC and ToMLT most of the bigger players just lost their incentive to play. Even then ToMLT had it’s own host of controversy that showed a disconnected between the players and the company putting on the show. I understand that the competitive side of things are no longer being handled by an indie studio but it would be nice to feel as though it was being taken seriously.

I feel as though if the tournament scene is ever going to make a comeback it’s going to start from within the community and then it will be on Bandai Namco, CPG and Battlefy to work with the community if they want to make something really great. All that being said I am still optimistic that we have the potential to bring something back, we’ve got players new and old and have a lot of connections. It’s going to be a lot of work but I’m really hoping to try and reignite that fire to a point where we’re able to surpass where it once was.



You have your hat in many things in Duelyst tell the players about the different content and projects you have in duelyst and where they can find you. (Streaming, Twitch, Coaching, Meltdown town, Any Personal projects you want to mention)

Yeah so in terms of my personal stream I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus as I go through this move but I’m hoping to get back into that now that I’ve settled down a bit. Meltdown Town might seem a bit quiet at the moment but we’ve actually been working on something so even if we’re not up to our usual antics don’t worry we’re not gone.

I’d actually love to be doing more coaching right now but between a lack of major incentive and the fact that most people aren’t rolling around in money I understand that’s not the most sought after thing. As for projects right now though I’ve been posting links to surveys trying to get information from people to see what they really want and to see what will really draw people out of their shells and into the competitive scene. I’ve also just been enjoying playing in tournaments again which has eaten up many a weekend. : )

(You can find Rchacker and his content at these various places)

Rhacker Twitter

Meltdown town Twitter

Rhacker Twitch

Meltdown Town Twitch


I know you have a fairly big project in the works care to give any hints about it?

Well I can happily say that things are starting to really come together with it. There’s just a little bit more before it’s ready to be opened up to the public. What I can say though is that if you were ever a fan of the old DPL then I think you’ll like what we’ve got coming.


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