Archmagus Vol budget guide

This week I’ll tell you how I beat Archmagus Vol, how you can beat him with a budget Vetruvian list and how to go about building your own deck to beat him.

Archmagus Vol

and his BBS:
Living Flame

First, let me clarify what his card effect does as it confused me the first time as well. His effect causes his own attacks to damage all your minions, attacks from his own minions still only damage one target.
As with all the boss battles both players start with 1 more mana than normal and I’ve put the initial state of the board in the title card above.
You” notice two things, one is that Archmagus Vol starts with +1 attack, this is because he starts with an equipped Sunstone Bracers. The other is that you start of with a big minion on your side of the board, it’s called Darkspear Zane and looks like this:Vol-Tokens

Archmagus Vol himself isn’t really threatening because he only does 2 damage and his effect only does anything when you put minions in his range, the true difficulty of this fight comes from Darkspear Zane. This minion works just like a battle pet and will mindlessly attack the closest thing in his range. This makes it so that the chance of it hitting Vol is low and even if it does, you can’t buff it to a high attack value so it will quickly kill itself causing you to die.

Though it doesn’t say on his card, Vol seems to be unable to move. Use this to your advantage.

My Strategy

My first instinct when coming up with a way to beat this boss was to prevent Zane from killing himself, I achieved this by bouncing him back to my hand with Orbrider. From there I started building a Vetruvian deck that would use spells to clear the board and eventually win by spamming Aymara Healers with Mirrorrim and Corpse Combustion. With this deck I successfully managed to stall out the Vol fight to find out the entirety of his deck and eventually easily beat him. In the end the star of the deck didn’t end up being Aymara, but rather Swarmking Scarab.

The games I played with this deck gave me a solid idea of what to do with my budget deck. Enter Blast Ciphyron:
My deck

The Orbrider’s purpose, as I explained, is to bounce back Zane. Pyromancer, Barren Shrike and Starfire Scarab are here as a wincondition and removal. Equality Contraint, Entropic Decay and Blood of Air are all solid removals. I put in Divine Spark because I needed a bit of draw. The other spells are here to buff Zane and the Blast minions to prevent them from dying. And finally, the worldcore Golem is here as per usual because it just handles most bosses so well.

I ended up going 4/1 with this list, where I lost once because I was greedy and din’t bounce Zane when I should’ve and had 4 very convincing wins where it seemed like Vol didn’t have any chance of winning.

I played out most games as follows:

  • I tried to get 2 buff spells turn 1 to throw on Zane, this allows you to kill off the Kron most of the time.
  • Next you control the board and drop a Barren Shrike or a Starfire Scarab when you  can.
  • Use Astral Phasing and the other buff spells to keep your blast minions at a high health total.
  • Keep the board clear with your removal spells and blast minions.
  • Drop a Worldcore Golem in his face on 9 and kill Vol in the following 1-2 turns.

General Strategy

This is Vol’s deck:
Vol deck

Things you want to look out for are:

  • If you’re playing with blast or ranged minions, try to prevent him from walking up with minions so he can Ephemeral Shroud them.
  • Save removal for Ironcliffe Guardian, Archon Spellbinder and Storm Kage.
  • Keep your important minions above 5 health to prevent him from using BBS + Phoenix Fire to kill them.
  • Stay above 10 health yourself so you don’t die to BBS + Spiral Technique
  • Don’t allow him to hit your whole board with a Spinecleaver equipped.

Other than that his deck is fairly simple. Since Vol doesn’t move all the artifacts and attack buffs don’t actually do anything for him as long as you hit him from range. His burst is fairly low and his minions aren’t particularly strong.

Things of note:

  • Scion’s Second Wish doesn’t protect against the AoE part of Zor’s attacks.
  • Dispelling Zane doesn’t remove his effects.
  • As said before, Vol doesn’t move.

Good Luck beating Archmagus Vol!


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