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Former Duelyst dev and currently one of the better players in duelyst who has been on one of the better winning streaks tournament wise Ryvirath has done a guide on Cataclysmic Fault Vetruvian currently one of the better decks in the game right now. Ryvirath was kind enough to allow us to use his article from his site and here is where you can find more content by Ryvirath

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Duelyst – Raely your Fault if you aren’t playing this deck. Rae+Fault decklist breakdown.


Welcome everyone to a very Ryviting deck guide! Today we will be talking about one of the hottest and strongest decks in the meta after rotation removal: Fault Vetruvian.

Fault Vetruvian was a deck that during its heyday saw some pretty significant ladder and tournament success popping up here or there and stealing games through its ability to put out tremendous late-game value and mid game tempo.


“Now Ryv how could Fault an undeniably slow card provide strong tempo in the mid-game?” you ask.
And the answer to that is actually super simple, it was Rae.


Rae turns on Fault like no other card (Pretty much because Vet does not have any other 0-cost cards, good on ya Rae) and provides the deck with much needed tempo positive plays.

On 6 mana you play Fault, and without Rae you effectively pass your entire turn allowing the opponent the opportunity to bend you over in whatever fashion they prefer.
With Rae however, you have now developed 5 Sand Dervishes, a little dispel boi and a whole ton of pressure for the remainder of the game.

So we’ve established Rae+Fault is a pretty strong combination, and we’ve touched on the fact that the deck saw reasonable success but nothing oppressive or super noteworthy, but at the start, I mentioned that this deck is now one of the strongest and more oppressive options available, so what changed?

The removal of rotation changed, and with it, lots of decks got power boosts that they were never intended to have. In this case, Rae came back to power up Fault, but we then also had Faults new best friend; Khanuum-Ka.

Khanuum-Ka is pretty much one of the best representations of a walking god available in Duelyst. He’s incredibly sticky, deals a ton of damage, and under most circumstances represents a full board clear when he comes down and then oppressive followup the turns after. With Fault up Khanuum-Ka goes from a pistol to a machine gun, mowing down anything that opposes his bird godness.

These 3 power cards together have formed an unholy trinity of oppression and power that you would be hard-pressed to combat most times.


Decklist Breakdown

So we’ve talked about the deck in general but now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.
Forewarning, this is my own list, Fault Vet is incredibly flexible and you may find certain cards do not work for you, just replace them.

Core Skeleton

This is the core of the deck that I feel is optimal and really should be your easy clicks into the deck, while you could change parts of this, for the most part they are all vital to the deck’s core strategy.

Full List

This is my current full list as of May 2018, there are a couple different ways to take the list, but this one is focusing on successfully landing Fault and then following up with a lot of tech cards to control the board.


Card Choices

So let’s break down the individual card choices and reasonings, bear in mind especially as it relates to the nonskeleton part of the list, cards may change rapidly given the developing meta and the list may change as time goes on.

Golem Package – The golem package has been one of the strongest packages to run in Vet since its release, and it works beautifully here as well. Celebrants can allow you to hit Fault that much faster, Dreamshaper keeps your hand up, Metalurgist allows you to keep up with tempo positives plays in the early game, and EMP is a catch-all answer vs anything Khanuum isn’t great at handling.

First Wish – Pretty straightforward, First Wish is one of the stronger cards in the game giving you more early tempo plays that can transition to board advantage. Something this deck is definitely looking to do.

Spelljammer –  Outside of providing more draw for a deck that runs a low curve, Spelljammer actually serves a second purpose in this deck. On P2 side it can be common with no 3 drops to have an awkward or even bricked hand, Jammer acts as plan b when your hand is bricked by allowing you to play Rae onto the p2 mana tile and play Jammer T1.

SandSwirl+Blood of Air – Pretty straightforward, best removal package in the game, and every Vet list should be running these. Sandswirl nerf is not relevant enough to not run him, still broken.

Bloodtear+Skorn – A lot of the time this deck will have trouble with going wide strategies or just with a lot of 1 hp dudes due to value trades, in both cases these put in a ton of work. Skorn is your best and normally only answer to Jax, and Bloodtear is just an insane card to weave into turns when you are drawing as much as this deck can.

Rae+Fault+Kha – It’s the point of the article and deck, like cmon bruh.


Fault Vet is one of the strongest options you can currently rock in Duelyst alongside stuff like Wanderer. Its bad matchups are minuscule and techable and its strength is undeniable with one of the best early game packages in golems, some of the best tempo removal in Blood of Air and Reader, and one of the best late-game packages in Fault+Rae+Khanuum-Ka. You are left with a deck that just plain works. It’s not bad at any point in the game, it can deal with almost any situation, and is pretty much just a 9/10 across the board in all facets of its gameplay.

Fault Vet has shown promising results in tournaments since the rotation removal and I would fully expect it to continue to grow in popularity any potential nerfs aside.

If you aren’t praising Khanuum-Ka by now, you will shortly, better to praise early, praise often, and praise diligently because this winged god provides his worshippers with those sweet sweet victories.

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope the list serves you well! If you have any questions about the list or would like to see it in action you can follow my Twitter here and my Twitch here




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