Mythron Wanderer Ragnora

Cassyva Soulreaper

Mythron Wanderer Ragnora

by Kirabi


When Mythron Wanderer was announced a large amount of the community went, “this card is so bad. One ofs in a 39 card deck and the effect isn’t that strong” was what many people said. But look at advantages the card has:

  • It begins in your hand and you can’t replace it which means you just have to consistently make it to 6 mana.
  • The trial already begins complete so they can’t prevent the trial only delay it. It is a small thing but it could come into play in the future.
  • Duelyst has the replace feature which makes one-ofs a little more consistent.

So there were already some small thing that people overlooked to show that Mythron Wanderer could be good. You can do a couple things in deck building to increase the chance of it being better. The first thing when you are building Highlander one ofs deck is to organize it. Which bring us to…

Logically Grouping Cards

“The biggest misconception about Mythron Wanderer Decks is that they are inconsistent”

The biggest misconception about Mythron Wanderer Decks is that they are inconsistent and when a player plays a card it is luck. It might be the case for some of the other Generals who play Mythron but for Ragnora that is not necessarily the case because Magmar has decent amount of redundant cards which perform nearly the same role. Normal decks carry at least nine 2 drops so that they have a high percentage chance that they will have a 2 drop their first turn. Mythrons wanderer decks do exactly the same thing except with 9 different 2 drops. Let us look at step closer Azure Herald and Healing Mystic basically do the same thing then add in Rescue Rx which has a similar function of healing. You have 3 minions at the same cost basically doing the same thing. Young Silthar is a sticky Minion you play on your first turn to try to get a mana tile, War pup is a sticky minion you play on your first turn to try to get a mana tile. You find a bunch of 2 drops that functions similarly while not being exactly the same thing and you can find a level of consistency.

The whole deck is going to built like that for example Mankantor is 6 drop that can be removal, I play Armada and Dust Wailer both 6 drops that can be removal. Lavaslasher is 5 drop that can be removal, So I also play Dancing Blades and Sunset Paragon which are 5 mana minions that can be removal as well. Speaking of Sunset Paragon redundancy does not only apply to minions. Rebuke and Sunset Paragon operate the similar so once again I know I have more than one thing in my deck that does the same thing. It is a really simple concept in a normal deck I would expect on 5 mana to find a Lavaslasher to remove something in this deck I know won’t always get Lavaslasher but in the slot I try to have something with similar function. This is how I grouped the cards trying to find redundant things to make useful groupings.

Early Game


2 mana Removal spells:  Deep impact, Natural Selection,

2 mana Healing minions: Healing Mystic, Azure herald

2  mana minions: Young Silthar, Ephemeral Shroud, Cryptographer

3 mana minions: Krater, Ragebinder, Blood Bound Mentor

Good stuff 2 drops
Golem Metallurgist, Celebrant, Primus Fist, Rust Crawler, Shiro puppy dragon, Rock Pulveriser, Sinister Silhouette , Rescue Rx, Warpup, Kujuta, Blood tear Alchemist, Maw, Mirriormim

Good stuff 3 drops
Sojourner, Terradon, Erratic Raptor


Mid Game

4 mana minions: Lightbender, Thunderhorn, Fizzling Mystic

4 mana spells: Rebuke

4 mana card draw: Lkian, Spelljammer

5 mana minions: Lavaslasher, Dancing blades, Paragon

5 mana spells: Plasma storm

Good Stuff 4 and 5-
Saberspine Tiger, Beast clad hunter, Taygete, Harupex and Blue Conjurer


Late game

6 mana minions: Armada, Makantor

7 mana minions: Emp

Good Stuff
Grove Lion, Archon Spellbinder, Saberspine Alpha, Silthar Elder, Grimes, Bone Reaper, Jax Trusight, Kraigon, Red Synja, Dagnoa, Dust Wailer and Bone reaper


Spells list

Earth Sphere, Saurain Finality–Invigoration

Card draw-
Tectonic Spikes, Embryonic Insight

Single target Removal-
Upper hand , Egg morph, Primal ballast

Greater Fortitude

Bounded Lifeforce


So all that planning leads to this point


I am fairly comfortable with what I have right here, I know I want more two drops( I have 6 I want 3 more) to make sure I have a turn one play but I am very satisfied with my curve. This won’t be as random as it seems. Turn one I am going to have a solid minion to play, The next turn I am going to have a 4 mana play. The normal Magmar play style is to put down Mankantor, Young Silthar, Lavaslasher, etc consistently play these power cards but in Wanderer have to settle for things that are close them.

“It is not an accident that it feels like the deck always has something to deal with your minions.”

It is not an accident that it feels like the deck always has something to deal with your minions. Because in addition to logically grouping stuff together and having one-ofs of most of your faction’s removal. Mythron Wanderer decks generally take a lot of neutral removal tools. I mention some of them before above but you are almost guaranteed to see a mixture of some of these cards in each game:

Bloodtear Alchemist, Ephemeral shroud, Repulsor Beast, Lightbender, Fizzingling Mystic, Saberspine Tiger, Dancing Blades, Sunset Paragon, Emp, Saberspine Alpha.

It is not luck when almost everything is answer and you are replacing looking for things and also holding stuff to answer certain things.


One or Two Flash Reincations?


One or Two Flash Reincarnations? The big question in the deck is, do you risk not being able to get off your trial for the explosive start.  Math stuff disclaimer Math isn’t my forte so I reach out for the basic numbers and this what I told. The odds of drawing one of your flashes by turn 2 is about 46%, The odds of drawing at least one flash by 6 mana is roughly 67%. If you have correct and exact numbers and the formula on please share in the comments I would still like to know what they are for future reference.

The turn two flash reincarnation starts can be very brutal and it is very hard for your opponents to keep up at times. It is one of the things that makes Ragnora Wanderer really stand out. On the flipside they are times where you don’t draw it and we have notable example now of notable player Rhacker in Trials of Mythron launch tournament in the finals Rhacker went 2 games in row not drawing flash reincarnation before 6 mana or in the game period so the absolute worst case scenario can also happen.

So which is better? That depends on what type of player you are what do favor Consistency or Explosive Starts. After playing with the two flash version, and missing the flash reincarnation a couple times, I definitely noticed that mentally it feels bad every time it happens because you know that you could have played Wanderer on 6 mana if you didn’t put in an extra card. Also while you generally replace every turn even if you have a flash .When you don’t have a flash reincarnation in hand you have to replace every turn and sometimes you have to give up a card you want to keep. Personally I don’t mind the risk and I think the deck has enough redundancy and power cards to win games where you miss the Wanderer because you have not drawn one of your 2 flash reincarnations.

What makes the risk worth it? Ignore the math for second if you don’t draw your second flash what exactly do you have a Magmar deck with one ofs most of the Magmar power cards Mankantor, Lavaslasher, Armada, Plasma Storm, Rebuke, etc and most of the games power neutral cards Thunderhorn, Emp, Grimes,etc. The worse case scenario is trying to winning game with a slight inconsistent Magmar deck with a lot of really good cards stack in it and that is not really a bad thing. So when the deck “Bricks” the result is a fairly acceptable one. Simply put high point is very high and low point is barely a downside in some games.


Here are two versions of the deck that have played well in recent tournament play:




Improbable Blob

Blob's Wanderere Rag
Blob’s Wanderer Rag


While this deck is can be made more consistent than expected ,Consistency is still a factor. You miss out on using Magmar power cards like Makantor, Lavaslasher, Rebuke, Natural Selection, etc multiple times in a game. So strategies that don’t normally work like swarm or aggro might work. And on the topic of the later, Aggro strats is probably the most effective thing against the deck. Magmar can carry a ton of healing normally in a deck but since the Wanderer rag isn’t able to carry three ofs healing spells like Earthsphere or Saurian finality you can burst down the deck with good results.

Another thing that is a factor is card management playing overly aggressive can run you out of cards, Not paying attention to hand size you can mill your cards away. Milling or stealing cards can be pretty effective against Wanderer so Scroll Bandit or Demonic Conversion can steal away valuable cards that also give players knowledge on how to attack you. If they steal a Warbeast they know that another one is not coming so they can set up the board to take advantage of that. Magmar old card draw weakness can show up at times especially with deck make up of some Wanderer Ragnora, It is possible put these decks into top deck mode but aware Mythron Wanderer increase the quality of every card played and the deck plays ton of answers so even in that state it is still somewhat a threat.

Random thoughts

  • There was a discussion on discord on whether you put in minion because they will be good “after” the trial is complete. The answer is generally, “No, You really don’t have spots to waste in the deck on maybe this minion will be good after wanderer.” BUT you can risk a couple spots(probably just one) if you are riskier style player(which I am). Here are a few minions that make me look twice to just play one in my deck : Purgatos, Pandora, Letrigress, Kolossus, and Mortar Maw. Overall I can’t recommend anyone put in decent fringe card or bad card that will be good after but I have found in build these decks you basically have one or two free spots to put almost anything you feel like in the deck.


  • Aethermaster is an MVP in this deck, because at times you will be desperately searching for something and this card is a big help. A recent addition I have been testing out is Theobule which is also trying to do a similar thing.


  • I have to mention it here again but downside of this deck with 2 flash reincarnation hard to measure. The basic argument tries to make it seem Ragnora that didn’t play Wanderer is in trouble. The decks still has all the power plays of Magmar but can only do time one time Saurian Finality,  Extinction Event +egg(s),  Egg morph +Ripper+ Great fortitude, Progenitor and board, Kraigon, etc.The deck might not consistently do the same power play but deck has wide variety of power plays even if it does not play Wanderer.


  • Is Wanderer to strong? They have been a lot debate about this in the community.What are your thoughts?


Wanderer Ragnora is a real deck and every expansion until the rotation in standard play the deck will get stronger and stronger with the increase in options.


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