May ’18 Offmeta Showcase

Hey Y’all and welcome to IceyFire95’s Offmeta Showcase. Some of you may know me and those who do most likely know me as the “workhorse” for the incredibly well made Power Rankings that come out each month. For those of you that don’t know who I am, here’s a brief description. I am a S Rank player who has been consistently hitting S Rank for since (month) however I tend to get bored of playing the same decklist for prolonged periods of time and end up running unconventional decks whenever I get the chance.

This article is a compilation of those decks as well as any deck of the same calibre that has been brought to my attention even if I may not have played with it. A disclaimer to keep in mind is that these are not meta decks that you can craft and get to S rank with, These are decks that will generally sit around Tier 2 that can be played competitively if you want to mess around with a “meme” deck but will definitely make you feel like your fighting an uphill battle and will be discussed based off anecdotal evidence from my limited testing. It goes without saying but what is said about these decks are my opinion, without further ado onto the lists


Dark Nemesis Faie

This deck is probably my favourite out of all the decks listed in this article and thats because I love Dark Nemesis (Fun/Irrelevant Fact: Dark Nemesis was my first legendary). At its core this is just a Midrange Faie with some weird cards and an unconventional wincon, but its that wincon that truly sets the deck apart. This meta doesn’t have as many single target threats as metas of the past because of that the vast majority of people with the exception of vet don’t have a way to deal with Dark Nemesis and it wins the game pretty fast if they don’t have an answer. The main pro of this deck compared to a regular midrange faie is that Dark Nemesis does Warbird spam better. The main con would be that when all is said and done Nemesis is often too slow and Midrange Faie in general isn’t strong to begin with


magmar-deck (1).png

Control Vaath

Predominantly the credit for this deck goes to Lyvern as he’s the main person keeping this archetype alive and gave me the baseline to adapt before landing with this list. This deck is the current iteration of a very old archetype that doesnt see much play, Control Vaath. A control deck by nature can be tech’d to deal with most metas and this one is no different, plasma storm, EMP and rebuke cover most cards in the game with Deep Impact and Egg Morph acting as your single target removal. The wincon of this deck is to either Saurian Finality, Drogon or Dark Nemesis or in the case of an aggro deck just to heal with Saurian, Earth Sphere and Invigoration until your opponent runs out of gas.


magmar-deck (2).png

Sphynx Starhorn

At its core this is a very standard Midrange Starhorn with the idea of running EMP being stolen from Sibon and the rest being an adaptation of Alphacenturies list. The card that makes this stand out is Sphynx, it is a card that I love and have always wanted to make work and granted in your best case scenario it is extremely effective rendering your opponent with essentially a 3 cards hand and either no replaces or -6 mana, Granted that best case is few and far between. The main tool you will use Sphynx for is filling up their hand allowing you to mill a card with your BBS and putting them at a minor inconvenience next turn. You may be thinking “but icey, doesnt blaze hound just do that for less mana and also draws you a card” thinking that would be correct but then the deck would be a regular Midrange Starhorn and not indulge in the glory of Sphynx.

magmar-deck (3).png

Dank Airhorn
Full Article: Dank Airhorn Deck Tech

I have already written an article on this deck and managed to get it in the May power rankings so i’m going to keep this description brief and leave a link to the full article if your interested. As mentioned by hopper the power ranking guys have been teasing this list but i’m a strong advocate. As an aggro deck it isnt bad, it doesn’t excel but you can definitely pilot this deck to success. In a different meta or with a bit more support for fly this deck could be much stronger but as it is now getting a young flamewing to stick with a greater fortitude and bellow in hand is a game win in most cases and for that reason I love this deck.



Build Kaleos

Unlike the other decks on this article I didn’t come up with this one, The credit for this list goes entirely to the Duelyst team Meltdowntown and they did work with it throughout Team Wars piloting it almost every week until they won it all. This deck is basically Midrange Kaleos with the build package and frankly I find myself replacing Punumbraxx almost every time I draw it, That being said when it gets off it does work. The deck in my opinion is an inferior midrange Kaleos and if you wanted to be competitive with it I would remove the build package however, that being said although i’m not a fan of this list it clearly can perform at a high level so I would put it down to poor piloting than a flaw in the decklist.


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