Cindera budget guide

Welcome to my weekly budget boss guide, this week I’ll cover how to beat Cindera using a budget Abyssian list and what her strengths and weaknesses are.


This here is Cindera:

What you can take away from this is that Cindera does a lot of AoE damage and teleports randomly each turn, preventing you from locking her down.

As per usual both players start with +1 mana and the initial state of the board can be seen in the title card above.

My Strategy

This week I felt like doing something other than Magmar so I went with Abyssian, which seemed a natural fit for this boss. Abyssian likes to spam small things and kill them off and this boss is great at killing lots of small things for you.
These are the decks I used, they are both very similar with the main difference being that one has a couple rares in it while the other one is entirely commons and basics. Both decks only have standard cards in it. I made two different decks because putting these rares in makes the deck so much stronger that I wanted to point this out to people who wouldn’t mind crafting Abyssian cards as much.
My deck (common)
The goal of this deck is to swarm the board and then kill it off to buff Shadow Watchers and Deepfire Devourers to kill off your opponent. The secondary win conditions are to buff a board with Soulshatter Pact or to drop a Worldcore Golem on 9 and beat them down that way. During my testing I went 3/1 with this deck and won rather convincingly, while losing once to very bad RNG combined with a couple important mispositionings of my own.

  • Soulshatter Pact didn’t get used during any of my games so it might just be bad. However, it’s a basic card so you don’t have to craft it. replace it if you want to.
  • Dark Transformation wasn’t used either, but during my 4 games Cindera didn’t play a Fire Spitter far away from me so I didn’t need to use them. Might still be useful.
  • Jaxi seemed kind of underwhelming as well, could be replaced by Healing Mystic, Bloodtear Alchemist or Vale Hunter if you think those’ll be better

Cards you always want to keep in the mulligan are: Wraithling Swarm, Cryptographer and Shadow Watcher.

My deck (rare)
This deck’s playstyle is pretty much the same as the previous deck’s with a couple exceptions. Bloodtide Priestess and Shadowdancer are both great cards in this deck and improve it loads. Zyx is a very nice swarm card and Darkfire Sacrifice is a strong tempo card that synergises well with all the Deathwatch you’ve got going on, these two aren’t necessary but improve the deack quite a lot so include them if you have them.

Additional Cards you keep during the mulligan are Bloodtide Priestess (and Shadowdancer if you already have a Cryptographer or a Wraithling Swarm)

I ended up going 5/0 with this one.

General Strategy

This is Cindera’s deck:
Cindera deck

  • She has a lot of potential damage out of hand (36 + Phoenix Fires obtained from Lantern Fox.) be careful of this, but don’t let is scare you too much. these burn cards are only 10 out of the 37 so she’s not likely to draw them and I’ve seen her use them plenty of times on my minions as well.
  • Outside of Fireblazer, Incinera and Pandora her minions have rather weak bodies.
  • She has no healing.
  • Her removal is very limited and is all damage based.
  • The only minions you need to answer quickly are the Fireblaze Obelysks, the Fire Spitters and Pandora.
  • Her deck consist of only 1-offs and 2-offs so take note that no 2 games are going to be the same and that it’s very likely for her to draw the wrong card for a situation. If you get very unlucky with her draws and teleports, just try again and you’ll probably be more lucky that time.

Good luck beating Cindera!


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