Duelyst Tournament Report 5-9-2018

Duelyst Tournament Report 5-9-2018

by Kirabi


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The World Champion Returns

  • When someone tries to tell you that Duelyst is just a game of RNG. Just point to Ferroca who has not been the most active of players but when you are good at Duelyst. You are good at Duelyst and skill is a heavy part of the game. The reigning world champion shows no signs of rust and secure spot in the top 16. In a field that had some very strong players.

Tournament decks codes

  • When the rules say don’t touch or change your deck, Don’t touch or change your deck. I know of an incident in the official tourney where one player won their games but changed their deck but had the same deck and they lose games they won and that possibly changed their outcome in the tournament overall. It looks like Duelyst has a very simple system that makes it immediately easy for the tournament admins and it is their best interest timewise to have a zero-tolerance policy. You have multiples of the same deck you can end up screwing yourself

Tournament Coverage

  • Tactical Gamer and his co-host Hsuku did a great job of tournament coverage. Even with limited access to tournaments games, the stream went smoothly and with no big long delays. Visually production wise Tactical Gamer does a great job and I hope it push other tournaments follow suite because the extra effort is noticeable when someone like F8D or Tactical does a tournament.

A Global Game

  • In watching the tournament you couldn’t help but notice players from all over the world playing the game. In a fun promotional event it would be interesting to US, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia compete against each other in a team tournament because each of these places had decent showing in the tournament.

Russia gets screwed but Good Luck Hopper

  • Due to silly rules/ban, that we have never gotten a clear explanation for the second rank player in official tournment Prostobot who plays from Russia was removed and Duelyst Central’s own GoodGuyHopper who was in the 17th spot now has a chance to compete in the tourney again.

Was the Tournament time too early for International Players?

I saw mention by one player that they had play from 2 am their time. What is the best time in day that is comfortable for the largest amount of players.

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Trials of Mythron Launch Tournament issues

Overall I would call the first leg of Duelyst first official competitive tournament a big success with great showing by the community but the tournament was not without its issues. I think it can be summarized into 4 main issues

– The Unlimited Format

-The Sideboard format

– Banning of a minion relatively short time before the tournament

-Changing the rules a day before the tournament


You can see some of the concerns in these Reddit threads



Going forward Duelyst needs to decide what they want their official tournament format  is going to be because many of the tournament pros and competitive players were not pleased with the format. How should these problems be fixed?  Join the Reddit thread and official forums here and here for discussion on these issues.

Who is your pick to win the Tournament?



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Trials of Mythron Launch Tournament


Duelyst Melee Last hero Standing



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Trials of Mythron Launch Tournament

Trials of Mythron Final 16



Duelyst Melee Last hero Standing


The Field 


players 2


Loser Brackets

duelyst 2

Grand Finals

duelyst 3

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spring collection



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  • Duelyst melee


DM Conquest 5/11

Date & Time

Friday, May 11th 2018

11:00 AM CDT


  • This tournament is open to all players (unranked, bronze, silver, gold, diamond and S rank).
  • Before each match, players will select one of their decks to play simultaneously.
  • At the end of each game, the winner reports their score and must continue to use the winning deck until losing a game with it.
  • A losing deck can no longer be used in the match.
  • Once a player eliminates their opponent’s decks, the match is over.

Rules for standard Conquest format applies. You need to supply us with three decklists, of three different generals. When you win a match, you lose your ability to play that deck. After you have won with all three decks, you win the round.




Meltdown League Tournament

Sunday, May 13th 2018

1:30 PM ADT


  • This tournament is open to all players (unranked, bronze, silver, gold, diamond and S rank).
  • Tournament is played in STANDARD FORMAT, be sure that the decks you want to play can also be seen when you go to ranked ladder.
  • Add munkbusiness AND Dalboz in game.

Deck rules:

  • Bring 4 decks total.
  • 2 different factions, 1 general from each
  • You can bring 2 different decks for each general (you can bring the same, it simply limits you in the tournament)

How to play:

  • A series is one best of 3. First to win 2 games wins the series (Win with both generals).
  • Ties are replayed. You can play any deck from a general you have yet to win with.
  • Before each match, players will select one of their decks to play simultaneously. (i.e., players will not have a chance to counter their opponent’s choice)
  • When you win you cannot use any deck from that general anymore.
  • Any deck from a losing general can be used again until a game has been won with it.
  • You have to win once with each general, but which version of the two variants you use is up to you.

Duelyst melee

DM Classic 5/19

Date & Time

Saturday, May 19th 2018

11:00 AM CDT


Matches are played as best of 3 in Grandmaster format.

Grandmaster format rules:

  • Players must each register 1 general and a 39 card decklist (or “maindeck”) along with a 10 card sideboard.
  • Decklists must be formatted correctly with player name and deck name(optional), and be built using http://www.duelystcards.com.
  • Matches are played as a best of 3 (first player to win 2 games wins the match).
  • Game 1 is always played with the 39 maindeck cards, and in games 2 and 3, players can change out cards from their maindecks and their sideboards.
  • The tournament will be played in a double elimination bracket.
  • If you suspect your opponent has modified their decklist in game 1(IE, playing sideboard cards, not using their submitted deck), pm an organizer, and play out the game. The decision will be made after that game has concluded


Saturday, May 19th 2018

1:00 PM EDT


  • This tournament is open to all players (unranked, bronze, silver, gold, diamond and S rank).
  • Before each match, players will select their pre-approved (from TacticalGmr) Gauntlet Deck for each match.
  • At the end of each game, the winner reports their score and must continue to use the winning deck until losing a game with it.
  • Once a player eliminates their opponent’s decks, the match is over. (Unless its the Final Four, in which case its a best out of 3)

1. Players can only submit one GAUNTLET DRAFTED deck, that deck must have been screenshared with TheTacticalGmr (Tactical a.k.a Pedro #5405 on discord) from the GAUNTLET TICKET PURCHASE SCREEN. This is to ensure everyone deals with the same RNG factor when it comes to General selection. You are allowed ONE additional redraft opportunity only.

2. All entrants must add “TacticalGmr” to their friends list in-game. This is to ensure that all matches will be viewable during and after the stream to have accurate game reports.

3. Players will engage in single elimination until the Final Four, at which point they will have to win BEST OUT OF 3 to move into the Finals.


spring collection (4)

–The Bad Magmar is still looking for people interested writing articles for Duelyst.

— Did you play in the Official launch tournament? Did you play in Duelyst melee?



it's time toCelebrate


One comment

  1. Scheduling issues are definitely present when your game is played by people worldwide. Where I’m from, I often play all tournaments from 12 AM to 5 AM. I got used to it more or less, but, also quite often, I’ve fallen asleep during important tournaments (twice during day 2 of last year’s various DWC qualifiers), and once during last week’s DMelee. It’s hard to find a schedule that fits everyone, so it’s likely we just have to suck it up.

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