Death’s Advocate Trials of Mythron Decks Part 5 Decks Vetruvian and Lyonar

Death's Adovate

The decklists that you are about to see are from Death’s Advocate a notable S-rank player and creative deck builder. You can current find him playing on Astral Crusaders who are doing well in playoffs of Team Wars 5. You can find Death’s Advocate Master list on the official forums where gives feedback and advice on these decks. Also, you can find him on twitch D3athsadvocate.

Trials of Mythron Decks Part 5 Decks Vetruvian and Lyonar

By Death’s Advocate

Death Advocate’s Rating system:

I avoid putting things into Tiers because not only is that subjective it changes too frequently. Instead, I take factions, or archetypes, and optimize them as much as I can, although constructive criticism is always appreciated. If they work, and can reasonably compete with higher tier decks then I rate them as such. While I do make some top-notch decks, not everything can be top tier, and that is ok, I strive to at least make it the best that it can be, so if that’s your style you can play it without feeling terribly outclassed.

S-Rank: Well tested, played into S rank/top 50 personally.

Highly Competitive: Something that I think is S rank tier but I have not personally played it into the top 50.

Competitive: Not as well tested and or not quite as consistently good as an S rank, but certainly has the potential to compete with anything.

Competitive/Gimmicky: A deck with a cool gimmick that when it works it’s really scary, and still decent when it doesn’t.

Average: Self-explanatory.

Gimmicky/Competitive: More gimmicky then competitive, because when its gimmick doesn’t work out or it gets countered it tends to fold.

Gimmicky: I don’t make many of these, but this would be Meme Tier, but one that I have still put a lot of effort in.



Cassyva Soulreaper (2)

Ascension: Highly Competitive


A combination of Lark/Striker and Neuro link, and or Tracer make getting to the other side to complete the trial a breeze, and on that off game where you cant find those that means you probably have a handful of artifacts/control tools and can just play traditional tears artifact sajj.

Once the trial is complete for each artifact you have equipped you get an effect, or lose an effect your number of artifacts goes down. The first gives you frenzy, the second gives you flying, and the third gives you celerity. Once that quest is complete it is very easy to fly around the map clearing threats via ankh/iris barrier and or nuking down your opponent, which can often be an OTK via tears.

The deck packs a premium selection of artifacts that best help with surviving the early game, and it avoids including any others in favor of foundry/striker/and gifts, that way digging out the ideal artifact is much easier with a foundry. Gifts is mostly used post quest completion just to be able to top deck two artifacts with one card that way you can fly out of a sticky situation where all your artifacts have been broken.

The deck also packs a good control suite, blood of air is a given, but Bender/Stars are a meta call. Bender is good vs gravity wells, getting rid of stuns on sajj, and having dispel is just good in general, and Stars fury goes a really long way, in particular, combined with an ankh, in combating Quest lyonar/hyper swarm which could otherwise be tricky matchups. Depending on how the meta shifts sandswhirl could end up replacing bender/stars.

Argeon Highmane (1).png



San Andreas is a large city and is also known for the San Andreas Fault.

Since dervishes lost whisper its a lot harder to play the aggro game, so instead I am favoring a much more late-game snowball effect with fault, Kha, and Nimbus, using Obelysks as a zoning/stall tool.

Reassemble is a really solid card for the archetype but it is especially potent when used on the 5 mana turn to save a 0 cost summon to use with Cataclysmic Fault on the 6 mana turn. The deck has a lot of dervish synergy with Fireblaze, Dunecaster, and of course Kha, all of which can really turn dervishes of any sort into really scary monsters with lots of reach. Combine that with Sandswhirl/BOA for removal and its a very well rounded deck.

This deck looks to really dominate the early game and create a zone your opponent wants to stay away from with Obelysks. While the deck can play aggressively if it needs to, especially if your opponent comes into your zone, its greatest strength is in forcing your opponent to back away and then transitioning into Cataclysmic Fault to close the game out, which has become much more powerful thanks to how it combos with the decks latest superstar Khanuum-Ka.

Khanuum-Ka really pull the deck together solving bad dervish spawns, letting you cash in on an entire fault immediately, and just being a powerful card all around. Vs Vaath/Lancer/Artifacts it can just win a game instantly, vs things like brome and the like it can be used as AOE, but be warned while the deck is very powerful the rope is your biggest enemy! Trying to move dervishes, summon kha, and proc fault, and then actually get all of his attacks in with his slow random re-summon can really eat into your turn, but with speed hack, practice, and knowing you need to move fast it is doable.

With this deck, I usually move forward and drop obelisks either right behind or in front of my general, or go and hug the top middle portion of the map placing them against the wall so they spawn forward. Obelysks can be a bit tricky, but if you get the hang of positioning them they can provide endless value. A couple positioning tricks to know about: The first is playing them towards the middle of the map early on and using your general to block the path to them. Another is manipulating where your dervishes are going to spawn, there are two ways to do this: the first is just putting units in spots you don’t want spawns, the second is if you have baited your opponent towards a wall you can place the obelysk against the wall eliminating three usually undesirable spawn locations. Remember Obleysks can overwrite each other spawns so be careful positioning them next to each other.

Its a very strong deck, but it can be tough to play, and you always have a little reliance on RNG due to dervish spawns, although Kha helps a lot there. Your lack of healing means you need to play aggressively vs aggro, and you have an inherent weakness to plasma, but the decks brute power, speed, and late game potential help make up for its inherent weaknesses. What makes it such a monster is the decks are usually good vs Obelysks or fault, but not both.

Dervish LITD: Highly Competitive


An aggressive midrange deck with a healthy amount of dervish synergy. While intensify focused versions of the deck may be viable Dustdrinker is a good standalone, and most importantly is a dervish to be abused with kha, fireblaze, dunecaster, and wishes. Duskweaver is another underrated card, and again most importantly it is a dervish.

Add the strong dervish package to the LITD package, which also keeps us prepared for swarm decks, and its exceptional removal, and its pretty top notch that can compete with the best.

Argeon Highmane (2).png
“Coming Soon”


Cassyva Soulreaper.png

Flood Quest: Highly Competitive/Still Testing


Ah yes the much maligned meta deck that is forcing folks to tech aoe or struggle. It has a simple goal, proc your quest as fast as possible and or make a super buffed Auroara, and then snowball from there. All its units have one or less attack and a good chunk of them proc the effect multiple times for maxium speed/bodies.

Its packing holy cus its to good to pass up, especially for mirror matchups, and martyrdom since you dont care about healing your opponent and just need a good answer to thunderhorn early on and then your going to snowball, plus its a self heal in a pinch.

Its a pretty ridiculous deck, I think I have it fairly close to optomized but I have not played it a whole lot as I have no love for it.

Titan Quest: Highly Competitive/Still Testing



The usual flood brome package for that maximum speed trial completion, and then curving into either titan or Q as a powerful back up plan. Its very unlikely to not have found either a titan or a Q by the time you have the mana to cast them. Titan is self explanatory, Q is extra neat since the deck wants to rock nothing but two drops anyways, and after you Q your only left with powerful tech and or titans, plus a one of on Legion so you never deck out. Since the deck can not have any spells it was able to fit the Lyonar golem package as Warblade is important in helping your stuff survive small AOEs like tempest.

Argeon Highmane.png


“Coming Soon”

Cassyva Soulreaper (1)

“Coming Soon”

Death's Adovate2

Coming soon Part 6 Songhai (Just Kidding that is never coming)

Once again you can find Death’s Advocate Master list on the official Duelyst forums where he gives feedback and advice on these decks.






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