Welcome to Duelyst Central

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So a couple months ago I ask for help into pushing my small little blog into a real website and the volunteering and outpouring of help was amazing. Of course reality happen like I expected it to and it was hard to get the right type of help once the initial surge of this awesome has worn off but that said I have gotten some amazing help from Iceyfire95, Rhaios, Bearhammer, Son of Makuta and many others. But I would like to give a Special thanks to Good Guy Hopper who has been basically is the site and has been carrying it on his back and has been straight up amazing.  The second special thanks goes out Munkbuisness who took time out and upgraded the look of site and made it more professional looking. I am forever in your debt. I am going to my best repay the faith shown in me by these guys by making this site the best it can be.

So the first order is refocusing on what is important, I have many big plans for the site as you saw in my initial post I had on reddit but everything takes time I was prepare for a slow build up but with some key volunteers it look that process might have been speed up but it didn’t work out necessary so it is back to Plan A. What is Plan A be very good at a couple things a slowly grow from there. What are you going to get from Duelyst Central

  • The Best power ranking duelyst. If there is one thing this site is going to do.It is to provide the community with a great resource for the state of the game
  • The Duelyst Tournament report- We plan to give great coverage  growing duelyst tournament scene
  • Spotlight great content made from community so when Freud, Alpha century, TM25MD, Death’s Advocate put out something great if you missed on reddit and youtube I want this website to be place to remind that great stuff is being made by Duelyst players. And when some new like Frost Arrow pops up and is putting out good stuff. I want this site to be able to use its slight influence to give that person the attention they deserve.
  • Any major news about Duelyst comes up this site will cover it


That is four things that website will do better than anyone else. From that point on we will try grow bigger and grow into the website with the all the other things. I mention in that post I still want deck builder and database, I still want the MMR tools and tracking, I still want Podcast, I still want to do a Tournament series, etc BUT with these things you have to be realistic so it is going to take some time. BUT first on the list improvements is work to become the best source of Duelyst beginner guides and over the next couple of months you will see a upsurge in guides on this site.

Oh yeah a new name well “The Bad Magmar” was my little joke when I start out this site. I always knew when it grew bigger there would be a name change and that time has come. I had big great plan for new name that involved community participation and bunch of other stuff  but when name Duelyst Central was suggested it just fit what the site was trying to do “Be the center of your Duelyst needs”. Why mess with works I thought ,so here we are Duelyst Central. Now for “The Bad Magmar” you will see on occasion as my personal blog on site it will be source me sharing update on the sites and sharing my duelyst experience in a fun way. Anyways

Welcome to Duelyst Central

Untitled design



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