Skyfall Tyrant budget guide

Hi everyone, this boss guide comes out a little late, but still in time for those of you who still haven’t gotten it.


This week’s boss is the Skyfall Tyrant, you can see him below:

The Frost Armor mentioned on the card is a boss-exclusive artifact that looks like this:

Just like with every Boss Battle, both players start with 1 extra mana and in the title card above you can also see what the boss starts with on the board.

My Strategy

After considering a couple different approaches I ended up going for a similar deck to what I beat High Templar Kron with, except this time with a higher emphasis on minions. Below you can see the list I first put together and I defeated the boss on my first try with, afterwards I played two more games and won both of those as well.
My deck

The goal of this deck is simple; build an early board, then plasma storm the boss’ board, march at his face with your minions and beat him down with them. The healing is there because the boss can snipe you down from range. The great advantage of this deck is that, unlike my previous deck, it is entirely built with Basics and Commons.

I ended up going 3/0 with this deck.

  • The first game I didn’t draw Plasma Storm until I had already gotten through his walls and ended up winning fairly convincingly anyways.
  • The second game I nearly died twice, but survived because the AI didn’t spot lethal and ended up stabilising to take the victory
  • The third game I won without having to use any of my healing cards. I assume this was because the boss’ draws were just really bad

Crafting the deck:
Throughout the 3 games I played I found out that, unless you get lucky, every healing card in this deck is important. On top of that, most cards performed really well. The exceptions being Blaze Hound and Earth Walker, which didn’t do much during my 3 games. If you don’t own them you could replace Kolossus with some other big minion as the card is really bad in constructed and even Grow based decks usually don’t seem to run it.

General Strategy

Here is the decklist that the boss runs:
Skyfall deck

A few things worthy of note:

  • Skyfall tends to throw every minion down in your face (besides Vale Hunter and Wings of Paradise.) This makes the Skywings way less threatening since you’ll be able to kill them before they get a lot of value.
  • Even though he has a lot of Flying or Ranged minions he doesn’t have any buffs for them so his board ends up feeling rather underwhelming.
  • The only removals Skyfall runs are 2 Chromatics, 2 Hailstones, 2 Frostburns and 2 Asps. Out of these, only the Hailstone Prisons are actually usable against your big minions and your smaller ones are only there for the healing or card draw so you don’t care if he removes them.
  • The real threat of this boss, in my opinion, tends to come from his Wind Strikers and White Asps. These two artifact cards can push his general’s damage up by a lot, which can help him clear smaller minions or deal large amounts of face damage. Be wary of his damage potential.
  • Luckily, he equips a new artifact at the start of all his turn. This makes sure he only has any single artifact for 3 turns, after this the artifact is destroyed automatically.
  • Finally, trying to fatigue this boss is not a good idea because of his special artifacts. Since there is no specific target that is dealing the fatigue damage to him, he’ll treat it as if your general did the damage (the same as with spells). This forces your general to take 3 damage for every 2 fatigue damage he takes. I’m not saying you can’t pull this off, just that it would be tedious and that simpler and easier methods exist.


Good luck beating the Skyfall Tyrant!


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