IceyFire95’s Flyhorn Deck Tech

Hey Guys, IceyFire95 back again with another deck that I’ve been messing around with that I think is worth sharing with you guys. Before I get to the deck I would like to credit its original creator. This deck is not my own creation it was conceived in December of 2016 by AlphaCentury, a while back I found his article on it from 2016 while looking up fly based decks and I decided to take it into the standard ladder just for some fun memes. To my surprise this deck has turned out pretty well, on a tier list I would probably place that at tier 2; you can definitely hold a consistent win-rate with this deck however it is by no means top of the meta. Without further ado here is the list


At its core this is an aggro Starhorn deck, you aim to get the game finished out pretty quick by swarming the board early on, buffing something up with your various buff spells while using bellow or diretide to keep the board clear, and finishing the opponent with Makantor or Elucidator

This deck breaks down into a few key components:

Because this deck is an aggro list you don’t have much in the way of answers although your buff spells can double as pseudo answers. The only purely answer cards in the deck are Lavaslasher and Repulsor Beast; Lavaslasher is a 4/7 that can remove a 2 or 3 drop when you play it making it a great tempo play to clear a minion they played without sacrificing your board presence and Repulsor Beast is a strong cheap removal that removes a minion from a relevant board position often for long enough for you to clear out the game. Other than your dedicated removal cards you also have Diretide Frenzy, Makantor Warbeast & Bellow that act as answers while also pushing face.

Direct Damage
A lot of the time you don’t get minions to stick on board especially with the prevalence of aoe in this meta to tech against brome, because of this we run Elucidator and Makantor as a rush package. It is not uncommon for this deck to trade face with a large minion to clear a path to victory for Elucidator. It is absolutely one of the strongest cards in the deck and when combined with Diredite Frenzy it becomes a 6 attack Makantor. When you do get fortunate enough to have minions that stick (ideally young Flamewing) you have many ways to capitalize. Your ideal way to capitalize is to play a backlined young Flamewing then fly it forward and use a Greater Fortitude and Bellow on it. Bellow is arguably the most second most effective spell in your arsenal behind only Diretide Frenzy. Bellow acts as similarly to diretide but not  quite aswell; You may be thinking to yourself that Diretide Frenzy is a more useful spell because it allows you to clear more minions instead of stunning them. However Bellow is +3 attack and when combined with greater fortitude it creates a minion they have to deal with while all their minions are stunned. This is often followed up by the killing turn where a rush minion can come out and play clean up.

Minion Spam
Taking control of the board is very important with this deck because it allows you to trade into the minions that aren’t stunned by Bellow and boxes your opponent in. Eventually forcing your opponent to play reactively. Kujata is key to doing this, it allows you to dump out powerful minions like Young Silithar, Ragebinder and Lavaslasher for a reduced the opportunity cost of dropping them in tandem on your opening turns.

Notable Matchups
This deck has fairly balanced matchups against most decks but the ones to specifically take note of are your matchups against Aggro Cassy and anti Aggro-Decks such as Midrange Ziran or Anti-Aggro Vaath. Aggro Cassy is very strong in the meta because of its ability to win the aggro deck mirror. Anti-Aggro decks beat this easily because this is an aggro deck that runs out of gas quickly. Other than those three decks your matchups are fairly even with slight difference in whose favored throughout.

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