Midrange Maehv (aka Jennifer’s Body)


I rolled up Vanar this last Saturday, and I really didn’t want to beat my head against a wall so I re-rolled into Abyssian… You see what happened was CPG knew Abyssian needed some help this month so they sent me. 😉
Alright, I have reviewed everything I think might be worthwhile in Abyssian except Midrange Maehv, and I have been openly very critical of this list since coming back to Duelyst because I have watched some respectable players struggle with it. Now I sat down in the middle of the Apex coming alive and tested this list to a 6-4 record. I got high handed by Apex twice during that time. I feel like the deck is probably a 6-4 or 7-3 deck list. Which is actually pretty good and much better than I had expected.

What was good

Desolator and Thunderhorn are all stars and that was too be expected. Azure Horn Shaman was also a known champion and did not disappoint. While by no means the one card win con that it is in other decks furor charm makes the “b list” in this deck. One of the big surprises that I recommend you adapt is Horror Burster. I originally placed it in the list as a “hey lets try this.” But every time it came up I was happy to see it. I would recommend bumping the count to two.

What wasn’t good

Although the deck can develop as nasty board state, its game plan is very linear. From the opponent’s perspective this deck can’t really surprise anyone with a sudden packet of damage and often what you see on the table is what you need to work against. By the time they get to Revenant mana you pretty well know how to position against them. The deck puts a lot of the decision making power in the hands of the opposition. One of the cards that I didn’t like was reaper of the nine moons. In the past reaper of the nine moons has been good to me, but it doesn’t seem to fit the current meta. Another pair of cards I was not super thrilled with are Blaze Hound and Bound Tormentor. Because this deck wants to develop threats quickly it want’s to play double two drops on turn one as player two and then develop into a four drop on turn two. Additionally, as player one you want to be playing a four drop on turn two. Either way you want to be skipping your three drops, and of course that isn’t always possible. There is probably a high variance version of this deck that doesn’t include any three drops and gambles on always being able to lay their two drops and four drops. That deck becomes a bold face liar and every time someone calls you out on not having a three drop you lose, but alternatively if you do have a three drop and they call you out you are in a great position. I am probably getting too technical here, but essentially I am recommending you play around with your three drops (maybe put in an extra horror burster).

Bottom Line

The deck is a B-movie in every respect: you have over the top masochist complete with the “I sorta want to hurt myself but only if other people give me attention for it” mentality, Aliens coming out of the chest, and an ancient druid sacrificing himself to dark gods. I guess theme wise the deck is pretty metal. Que acid bath’s screams of the butterfly.

But, is the deck good? Lemme put it this way; As a competitor I appreciate the dude who insists on playing “the dragon deck” or “the angel deck” every season in magic regardless of how good it is. I appreciate his dedication to a concept he loves, his enthusiasm for the lore, story and art, and his willingness to play out games no matter what the odds. I am especially fond of him when I get paired against him in an important round. 🙂
“Friends don’t let friends play tier two decks,” and this is definitely a tier two deck.


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