Tournament Report 5-3-18


Player Spotlight: Briguy


They were many standout performances in this weekends tournament. Like Gauntlet expert Hsuku win in Gauntlet throwdown finally showing off his skills in competitive format or Ryvirath return to real competitive tournament play and doing very well and most weeks he is who I would focus on but I am choosing to focus on Grandmaster Briguy who finished second in Gauntlet throwdown and Monolith Climb and also was in the final 8 of the Trials of the Seventh Sanctum tournament. It is easy to focus on who won the tournaments but it is really hard to consistently place high in these things and we have the tendency to overlook consistent good play. If we ever get another Duelyst World Champions Series it is players who perform at this level are one to keep an eye out for in big-time competitive play.



Looking at the decklists you may notice a common theme, Wanderer; more specifically wanderer ragnora with double flash reincarnation. Wanderer Rag has been a strong part of the meta since the release of Trials of Mytrhon however, before this week a lot of people myself included would argue that Wanderer Reva was the strongest of the Wanderer lists with it being the most consistent. Flashing out Wanderer turn 2 can outright win most games which is why most top placing players made the choice to choose to run 2 flashes with your ability to draw one single flash by turn 6 being fairly high as you are able to draw 6 (not including opening hand), replace 6 and mulligan 2 if your player 1. After this week we can determine that Wanderer Ragnora is a dominant force in the tournament meta and probably something worth teching against with your decklists for the Trials of Mythron Launch Tournament

Monolithe Climb Top 4

4th Place – Improbable Blob

3rd Place – ILikePasta

2nd Place – Briguy

1st Place – Ryvirath

Decklists –


Trials of the seventh Sanctum Top 4

4th Place – AlphaCentury

3rd Place – Ryvirath

2nd Place – Sibon

1st Place – ImprobableBlob

Brackets for last weeks events

TMA Monolith Climb

  • TMA Monolith Climb
    Matches are played as best of 3 in Loremaster format.Loremaster format rules:

    • Players must each register two generals from different factions and two 39 card decklists. Cards must follow the “Standard” rotation set by CPG.
    • Matches up to the top four are played as a best of 3 (first player to win 2 games wins the match). Matches in the top 4 are played as best of 5 (first player to win 3 games wins the match).
    • Players may choose either deck to play in any given game (Decks are never “eliminated” by a win or loss).
    • The tournament will be played in a single elimination bracket.

Monlith climb

Gauntlet Throwdown

  • Gauntlet Throwdown
    • Before each match, players will select their pre-approved (from TacticalGmr) Gauntlet Deck for each match.
    • At the end of each game, the winner reports their score and must continue to use the winning deck until losing a game with it.
    • Once a player eliminates their opponent’s decks, the match is over. (Unless it’s the Final Four, in which case it’s a best out of 3)



ganulet throwdown


Trials of the 7th Sanctum

  • Trials of the 7th Sanctum
    Bo3 Single Elimination Standard. all players must choose two unique generals, each from a different faction. All rounds are played in the Aestari format. Whenever a game ends, the winning player has to keep using the General he or she has just won with. Conversely, factions that are defeated during a game are eliminated and can no longer be used for the rest of the set.=

Seventh Sant


Tournament News




Trial of Mythron

Saturday, May 5th 2018

2:00 PM ADT

Short Form Rules:

  • All players should be in the tournament support channel for the duration of the event: LINK TBA
  • Participation is open to those 13 and above by the tournament start date
  • This event will be a 2-stage competition
    • Stage 1 – Swiss, 2 general conquest, best of 3
    • Stage 2 – Single Elimination, 3 general conquest, best of 3
  • You must check-in for the tournament during the hour leading up to the start time
  • You must check-in for each match on Battlefy. If you do not do so within 10 minutes of the match appearing, you will be forfeit the match
  • Watching opponent’s replays in between games is disallowed. If you are caught doing so, you will be disqualified from the tournament

What Is Conquest?

  • In Conquest, each player will submit a number of generals for the tournament in advance. In the case of a best of 3, you will submit 2 generals.
  • In order to win, you must beat your opponent with each of your generals. When you win a game with a general, you are no longer allowed to use it for the duration of the match

What is Swiss?

  • A swiss stage is conducted round by round. All matches must be complete within round 1 in order for round 2 to be generated
  • In the first round of the swiss stage, all players will be randomly paired against one another
  • In subsequent rounds, Battlefy will attempt to pair you with a player that has the same win-loss record as you (e.g., 1-0 will be paired with 1-0 and 0-1 will be paired with 0-1)
  • For this tournament, record ties (e.g., 2 people scoring 5-0) will be broken by a combination of…
    • opponents’ match-win percentage (OMW%)
    • player’s game-win percentage (PGW%)
    • and opponents’ game win percentage (OGW%)

DM Last Hero Standing

Saturday, May 5th 2018

8:00 PM ADT

Rules for standard LHS format applies. You need to supply us with three decklists, of three different generals. When you lose a match, you lose your ability to play that deck. After you have lost with all three decks, you lose the round.



Meltdown League Tournament

Sunday, May 13th 2018

1:30 PM ADT


  • This tournament is open to all players (unranked, bronze, silver, gold, diamond and S rank).
  • Tournament is played in STANDARD FORMAT, be sure that the decks you want to play can also be seen when you go to ranked ladder.
  • Add munkbusiness AND Dalboz in game.

Deck rules:

  • Bring 4 decks total.
  • 2 different factions, 1 general from each
  • You can bring 2 different decks for each general (you can bring the same, it simply limits you in the tournament)

How to play:

  • A series is one best of 3. First to win 2 games wins the series (Win with both generals).
  • Ties are replayed. You can play any deck from a general you have yet to win with.
  • Before each match, players will select one of their decks to play simultaneously. (i.e., players will not have a chance to counter their opponent’s choice)
  • When you win you cannot use any deck from that general anymore.
  • Any deck from a losing general can be used again until a game has been won with it.
  • You have to win once with each general, but which version of the two variants you use is up to you.



S Rank Snapshot

srank snap


Full tournament Gauntlet Throwdown Twitch Vod

Full Trials of the Seventh Sanctum Twitch Vod

Monolithe Climb Group Stage Games Twitch Vod


–The Bad Magmar is still looking for people interested writing articles for Duelyst



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