IceyFire95’s Midrange Cassy Deck Tech

Hello y’all, My name is IceyFire95 you may know me from the recent power rankings or the tournament report I wrote, you may not. It is rare for me to build a deck of my own instead of asking one of the plethora of better deck builders for a list but here is a situation where i did that and i’m pretty proud of it. As a concept this deck has been around for a very long time however, I like to think i put a fairly uncommon spin on it that i have been using in S rank with reasonable success, i would place the deck around tier 1.5 with it moving up to tier 1 if the meta were to slow down a little bit. Without further ado here is the list


At it’s core the deck is a slower variant of a midrange cassy that aims to develop midrange threats then transition into a more control orientated gameplan to try finish the game off (if you can with doom but it’s in there more as a meme and the deck would probably be better without it) the deck has one of the strongest late games in the meta right now and a very strong midgame package.

The deck breaks down into a few key components

Thunderhorn is the quintessential midrange card so it doesn’t feel worth talking about but some notable picks that this deck runs are Wild Tahr and Purgatos the Realmkeeper, Wild Tahr is a strong t1p2 play that becomes a 5/3 if the enemy trades into it and when positioned well it can either force the opponent to play awkwardly around your frenzy or get off some devastating clears if they choose to underestimate what it can do. Purgatos up until recently was a card I completely dismissed until I saw it used in TM25MD’s pre-mythron Faie deck. this made me reconsider the card and now I love it in this deck. both outcomes of its ability are very helpful as the healing lets you sustain further into your explosive lategame and the damage pushes them further into kill range, i would almost never choose to play this over a thunderhorn but i needed to fill the slot after the deck lost nightwatcher and Purgatos has been working wonders

Control Package
When looking at the deck the first conclusion you may draw is that it runs a lot more removal than a normal midrange Cassy deck would, these cards allow you to deal with most threats that you come up against. This really allows the deck to shine in the midrange mirror match because you can deal with everything they do and develop your own board whilst transitioning into the late game whilst they run out of gas. Your control package includes

  • Daemonic Lure
  • Punish
  • Dark Transformation
  • Necrotic Sphere
  • Dancing Blades
  • Spectral Blade
  • Bonereaper
  • Lightbender
  • Magesworn

Lategame Dominance
as I said at the top I feel that this deck has one of the strongest lategames in the meta, because of the decks slower pacing once your reach the lategame your deck will have 4ish cards in hand still the vast majority of the time, this allows you to continue to develop midrange threats whilst spamming desolator and letting you use your more expensive/inefficient removal without being as penalised with a tempo loss as you would early on. You aim to keep your general as far away as possible by this point in the game whilst keeping pressure on the enemy with minions and depending on the matchup making sure you have a magesworn on board (mainly for faie, shidhai or 8 gates reva). The most notable lategame card here is doom, as i mentioned it very rarely gets played and with the speed of this meta you will find yourself replacing it every time you see it 9 games out of 10 but every once in a while you have that grindy game where both generals are topdecking at 9+ mana, this is where doom shines and this deck can often force that situation once you reach a certain point in the game allowing you to drop doom and run away/heal for 3 turns. Doom is very likely not the most optimal card for this deck but i have found many games overtime that i would have lost without it and many games where i was able to force them into the situation where Doom excels so I intend to keep it in the list unless the meta becomes even quicker than it currently is.

Tech Cards Worth Mentioning

  • Betrayal: this card is in there as a one off, it is mainly to deal with Titan because otherwise you outright lose to someone dropping Titan however the card excels against decks that play a lot of big minions and for the most part nobody expects it. Keep the card in a matchup you will need it, replace it in all others
  • Magesworn: Magesworn is not a card you play against every deck, it hurts you more than them sometimes but when you fight a faie, spellhai or even ragnora this card can be devastating, shutting down faie completely if they don’t run emp.



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