The Wild West “The Unlimited Discussion”

The Wild West “The Unlimited Discussion”

by Kirabi


I want to make a recurring topic on The Bad Magmar about The Unlimited metagame but I don’t know what the interest for it would be like so here is the first attempt it. If people are interested we will cover it more. If that is not the case then this topic will probably happen every time we have an expansion or some other limited amount of time.

So first up what is the unlimited metagame? I would like to give you an answer but I don’t know what exactly answer to give I haven’t played unlimited enough. I mean I have played most of the games exclusively in the Unlimited format but the trouble is for me I have been playing standard decks to get a feel for them while in that mode. While most of the opponents seem to be lower ranking players testing weird stuff. We will speak on fact Unlimited does seem to try to match up with someone of similar rank later but for back on the original topic it is hard to get any good testing done. That fact doesn’t matter anymore because it appears that Duelyst first big official cash tournament in a while is in the Unlimited format.

So what is good in Unlimited? I don’t know( a common theme) the team here at Bad Magmar was in the process of making Power rankings for the Standard format which will be coming out shortly. Now in the upcoming weeks, we will probably release something for the Unlimited for the format. So until then I still want some decks so I throw stuff together show the good stuff in the decks in unlimited. These are decks for NOT for use these are just to show off what has good stuff the unlimited format.

The 5 Winners of Unlimited

Ragnora is clearly a winner in the format and I suspect that you will see some version of Ragnora pop up and be good.The tools lost in Shimzar changed the playing style of Ragnora before it had a lot more burst now standard it feel more swarm like trying to create an overwhelming board. Well, the Unlimited version gets to be best of both worlds.

Vetruvian(Zirix) is probably the biggest winner in the format. It gets back Falcius and couple of useful tools in their kit. Allomancer gets a big upgrade as I believe it now has access to all of the pool of Obelysk in Vetruvian so I believe it can pull Trygon or Simulacra Obelysk which is huge. It also gets Whispers of the Sands back in this format.So yes there is a world that you will get Whispered and Accumulonimbus in the same game. How good do I think Vet is? Well, Vet had almost joke card in Pantheron and in unlimited I think they are more than enough Dervish Vet minions to always be on the board to get buffs I would not be surprised at some Reliquarian Vet shenanigans not being as memey in the format.

Creep Cassyva. Another big winner is Creep Cassyva which goes from borderline decent imo to Amazing in Unlimited. All the big problems are solved in the format creep generation and finishers. The new stuff I think was really good to Abyss it just needs a hint more support and Unlimited it has that I believe.

Vetruvian(Ciphyron) Remember when I said that Vet was the Big Winner.Well, I was not kidding about that Vetruvian(Ciphyron) in some form will be good. I think Khanuum-ka who many us predict to be very strong will be very strong in this format especially with the Rae/ Cataclysmic fault combo plus Cipyhron gets back Psychic Conduit too so it can do some interesting stealing minion stuff again.

Vanar(Faie) I won’t speak long about this Aspect of Shimzar and Thunderhorn and Malicious Wisp in one deck.

Anyway on to the discussion questions?

1.What do you enjoy playing more at the moment Unlimited or Standard?

2. Does any of that have to do with Unlimited not being ranked?

3. I  basically mentioned 5 decks above Creep Cass, Obelysk Zirix,  Fault Ciyphron,   Wisp/Thorn Vanar and Morin Khur Ragnora what other decks do you think going to be strong in the format?

4. Do you find the current Unlimited format to be balanced?



I think it generally good that Unlimited format gets some sort of attention.The choice has been good for some people if you don’t like standard meta they are enough difference unlimited that it is a different experience.


I think that Unlimited without push CPG would need a really strong league to meaningful. Sporadic tournaments won’t do it but after watching Team Wars in action I believe that at some point Unlimited will have a place if we the community put together some good.


I see the Trials of Mythron launch tournament as a test if players respond well to it. It might lead to something more so if you weren’t interested before joining to tournament AND if you like unlimited be vocal about Unlimited sitting quietly is going to getting changed and I believe we are in a period of time where things can be changed.

To talk about this more join the discussion the reddit or forums



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