High Templar Kron semi-budget guide


A few hours ago this week’s boss battle was released, High Templar Kron. This is what he looks like:

On the card you’ll read that this boss summons a “prisoner” every time one of your minions dies, these prisoners are the same tokens that the regular Kron summons:

Just like with every Boss Battle, both players start with 1 extra mana and in the Featured Image above you can also see what the boss starts with on the board.

My Strategy

The first thing I thought of when looking at this boss is running a minion-light deck. And the only viable minion-light deck right now is Mantra Shidai. With this deck I beat the boss on my first attempt, it was pretty close though since I would’ve died the if I didn’t kill him the turn that I did and to do so I had to hit an Abjudicator on a Phoenix Fire, Eight Gates and Mantra.

After this, I started thinking about a budget list and immediately thought of a Vaath deck. Magmar has a lot of budget removal options and when combined with a high attack Vaath and a lot of healing, you get a list that can kill the opponent without relying on minions. This is my first attempt at the deck, I didn’t end up changing it and went 6/0 with it.
My deck

This where the “semi-budget” comes in, For the building of this deck I used only common and rare cards that are viable in the current standard rotation, but I found that I lacked something to deal with some of Kron’s big threats and ended up putting 3 Homeostatic Rebukes in because it’s a strong card so crafting at least 2 of them won’t hurt you in terms of crafting bad cards.

As I said I ended up going 6/0 with this deck so I’d say that any type of “solo” Vaath should have a good shot at victory.

The only cards in this deck I would say underperformed were the Deep Impacts, Primal Ballasts, Kinetic Equilibriums and Upper Hands. Coincidentally those are all rares that hardly see any play so not having to craft them will be good for your spirit balance. I could see an argument being made for cutting the Tectonic Spikes since they were only really useful in 2 out of my 6 games.

Must Crafts:
For this specific deck I’d say the only “must-crafts” are Invigoration, Earth Sphere, Egg Morph, Homeostatic rebuke, Biomimetic Hulk and Worldcore Golem.

General Strategy

If you don’t feel like crafting Magmar cards I can’t really help you with my previous decklist and since I didn’t really feel like spending my entire day theorycrafting boss decks I’ll try to help you the best I can for building your own deck.

This is the boss’ deck (minus 1 Dominate Will, the deckbuilder didn’t allow for more):
Kron deck

A few things that are worth noting:

  • Once Kron gets under 10 health, he tends to walk into a corner away from you.
  • Kron only has 6 healing in this entire deck (and 2 Z’Irs.)
  • If he snowballs his board, it might still be over. Try to remove his board as often as possible.
  • Kron doesn’t have any burst damage in his deck. Don’t be afraid of dying, if you are not dead on board you’ll live one more turn at least.
  • He has 7 Dominate Will’s in his deck that all cost 5 because of his passive, though he will not actively walk towards your big minions to steal them most of the time, try to make sure he can’t walk up to your minions to steal them unless you have a removal spell in your hand that can deal with them.
  • He doesn’t have any ranged removal in his deck and he doesn’t seem all that interested in chasing minions in corners as long as you stand in his face with your general. I see some potential for Four Winds, Shadowdancer, etc…
  • Worldcore Golem worked really great imo, if you get him low and retreat you can use a Worldcore Golem to kill at least 4 of his minions which’ll over time wear him out of resources.


Good luck beating Kron!


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