Tournament Report

Duelyst Tournament Report 4-20-2018

by IceyFire95


Opening Thoughts


  • Team Wars Playoffs

Rules for the Team Wars Finals The Elimination Rounds will take place over 2 weeks.

Week 1 (April 12th-16th) Top 8 teams will face off in a round robin formed with Bo3 matches.These matches will be in the Last Hero Standing format. Top 50% of teams will advance. Any player may play any deck, there is no min or max.

Week 2 (Round 1 will take place on Friday, April 20th, Round 2 on Sunday, April 22nd) (Deck submissions for Round 1 on 20th, Round 2 on 21st) The Final 4 teams will face off in a single elimination bracket. Bo11 Matches following LHS format.


Team Wars 5

TW5 Semi-Finals Results

Misplay Display Sets 6-1

Astral Crusaders Sets 6-1

Meltdown Town Sets 5-2

BloodBound Brothers Sets 4-3

Juveys Disciples Sets 3-4

Black Boxers Sets 2-5

Serpenti Squad Sets 2-5

CoCC Sets 0-7

Over the course of the past week, the top 8 teams from team wars have been competing in best of 3 matches with every other team and the top 4 moving on to the second week of the finals have been decided. A surprise performance from Misplay Display a team that barely made top 8 has left them at seed #2 with astral crusaders pulling into seed #1 after a tiebreaker. In 3rd is Meltdown Town and 4th is BloodBound Brothers.

Next week the matches will be played between these teams with Misplay Display vs Meltdown Town & Astral Crusaders vs BloodBound Brothers in a single elimination bracket. Bo11 Matches following the Last Hero Standing format. Predictions for who will win are completely up in the air with a lot of the teams that dominated the first 13 weeks like Juveys Disciples and Black Boxers being knocked out in the playoffs. I myself will be rooting for the Meltdown Town victory but an argument could be made for every team in the Top 4.

 Team Wars 5 Playoffs Decklists

Master Bau Sajj

Tournament News



The past week has been really exciting for tournament news after the announcement of the Bandai Namco and Battlefy partnership. if you are looking for tournaments you can now find a comprehensive list of community tournaments at with the earliest tournament being on the 29th of April (AEST). There will also be an official tournament held on the 6th of May (AEST) to commemorate the partnership and the Trials of Mythron launch, you can find this tournament at this link. The official tournament will have a prize pool including $900 along with exclusive skins, emotes, chests, orbs and physical prizing (plushies, shirts etc) so this is one worth signing up and practicing for



S Rank Snapshot

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 8.42.59 pm.png


-The Bad Magmar is still looking for people interested writing articles for Duelyst


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