Ramp Faie

Ramp Faie

Good evening Duelers! And welcome back to another Evening Review. This Afternoon I played a Ramp Faie list that went 3-8-1 (Eww!) To be fair when reviewing two of the games I could have turned them around by playing differently. I started out playing the list a little too aggressively and then knee jerked back the other direction playing too passively. So we should blame the pilot for this bad showing. How do I know it is on me? Because I got handed this list by Minmaxer and I watched him play it with great success this last evening. Now, when I talked to Minmaxer about this list he let me know that he was 39-7 with the deck, and that is a great reference. Lets start dissecting the list right quick, and talk about some of what makes it strong and some of what makes it hard to play.

What was good and should be considered core –
This deck sort of builds itself because you are wanting to ramp your mana so you have to play three copies of each of the ramp cards. Additionally, you need to maintain mana advantage so you might as well play Malicious Wisp (who is pretty good anyways in addition to fitting the theme).  Finally, you need a decent number of expensive drops that can swing the board state to take advantage of the ramp: EMP, Frostburn, Aspect of the Mountain, Grandmaster Embla,  and Ghost Seraphim all become core for this reason. Additionally Luminous charge and Razorback become core because they are primarily how you are going to close the game.
After getting all that in there isn’t a lot of room left to make adjustments. You might maybe adjust one of your end game cards if the meta shifts and something else becomes a good shutdown for a popular deck, but at the moment Minmaxer has this list pretty tuned. The deck can do some pretty dumb things when it sees early ramp, and in neither of my three wins did I really have to do any “competing” the deck sort of carried me through those victories.

What wasn’t good
The deck seems to place a high demand on your replace decisions, and making the correct replace has a lot to do with match-up knowledge. This deck gave me the impression it isn’t a list you just pick up and play. What I mean by this is that replacing to find ramp cards is an obvious play if you don’t have them, but if you do have them what bomb cards should you be looking for. In addition, what little middle of the road cards you do have it is critical to know which ones are important in which match up. Because you are essentially blowing your load on getting a huge mana advantage that mana advantage has to translate into as high an impact play as it can possibly be. If you are just relying on something being “big” with no consideration for how high an impact its ability will be you are going to lose games, believe me I know 😉
It is also worth noting that Minmaxer and I discussed, briefly, the inclusion of Jax Truesight and he had already tested it. He stated that it wasn’t as good as Ghost Seraphim and I deferred to his expertise, as you should to, and did not try it myself.

Bottom Line
At the end of the day I am not going to recommend this deck to any young players. I think it is probably a tier 2 maybe tier 1.5 deck. Like any tier 1.5 deck in the hands of a master it is going to look pretty damned awesome, so don’t get me wrong the deck is “good.” But, it doesn’t do the work for you anything like what you might typically think a ramp deck would do. It can blow out your opponent but squeezing that extra 5% win percentage out that would make it a tier 1 deck is much more about the pilot, and guys lets be honest here for a sec… we aren’t all Minmaxer.

Shameless link to a video on my twitch channel of me playing the list: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/250940216
Or more practically you could go watch Minmaxer dominate with the deck here:


Love you guys and see you again next weekend,
Hash code for the deck: MTo1MDEsMzo1MDYsMjo1MTMsMzo1MTcsMzo1MzgsMjo1NDEsMzo1NjEs

Ramp Faie


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