[Deck Tech] Lilithe Highlander to S Rank!

By Frost arrow

(This article was allow to be used with permission by Frost Arrow .You can find more stuff from Frost Arrow streaming games on his twitch channel)


Hello Duelyst community! Frost_arrow here with a deck I’m really proud of. Since the new set came out I have been trying to make Abyssian work. After experimenting with some Xor’Xuul decks, some Maehv midrange decks, and some Cass control decks, I ended up finding the most success with a Mythron Wanderer Lilithe deck. I started playing it in Diamond 5, and after going through many changes, I was able to make it to S rank last night with a record of 47-29. I think this deck is really strong in the current meta, and is a really interesting evolution of the classic Lilithe swarm archetype. It is a swarm deck at heart, but boasts a few tricks, and a better mid and late game than the straight swarm variant. The list isn’t perfect, but I talk about some of my card choices below. Bolded cards are standouts, italicized are cards that haven’t been pulling their weight lately.



Card Choices:

  • Swarm:
  • Lilithe Blightchaser
  • Furiosa
  • Zyx
  • Gloomchaser
  • Wraithling Swarm
  • Bloodtide Priestess

Lilithe is our general because her bloodbound spell combos best with Mythron Wanderer. The rest of these cards help pump out more dudes when your BBS is on cooldown. Anything with multiple bodies is great in this deck, as the buff from Mythron Wanderer gets more mileage.

  • Removal:
  • Bloodtear Alchemist
  • Maw
  • Ephemeral Shroud
  • Nightsorrow Assassin
  • Fizzling Mystic
  • Dancing Blades
  • Daemonic Lure
  • Punish
  • Ritual Banishing
  • Dark Transformation
  • Necrotic Sphere

The main question of any highlander deck is: can I run enough redundant cards to make this deck consistent? Abyssian has access to a host of great removal cards which this deck makes use of. More expensive removal cards like dark transformation and necrotic sphere get much better with buffed wraithlings from Mythron Wanderer. 187 creatures like nightsorrow are at a premium in this deck, as their main weakness of having an understatted body is covered through our Mythron quest. I have only tested with Dancing Blades a little bit, and while the body is great, I have found the required positioning to be problematic.

  • Other 2-Drops:
  • Azure Herald
  • Celebrant
  • Healing Mystic
  • Primus Fist
  • Cryptographer
  • Jaxi
  • Blood Siren

The goal of these guys are to protect mana spring tiles in the first few turns in order to try and get the dream turn 2 or 3 Mythron Wanderer (more on that later). Jaxi is great because it combos with darkfire sacrifice, punish, and ritual banishing, and ends up netting you a 2/2 ranged minion. I put Blood Siren in to replace Nightmare Operant, which I didn’t love. Blood Siren hasn’t performed that much better, but I want some more testing with it.

  • Mythron Wanderer
  • Darkfire Sacrifice

Darkfire Sacrifice is the best card in your deck, and you should replace cards aggressively to try and find it. The equivalent of Magmar’s flash reincarnation, it helps power out a turn 2 Mythron Wanderer. This is insane tempo, and an unbeatable opening against many decks. The card gets worse as the game progresses, but still holds value as you can play Wanderer+removal spell or Wanderer+BBS on turns you wouldn’t normally be able to.

  • Finishers:
  • Furor Chakram
  • Soulshatter Pact
  • Shadowdancer
  • Deathfire Crescendo
  • Betrayal
  • Vorpal Reaver
  • Spectral Revenant
  • Desolator


Furor Chakram is the truth, probably the second best card in your deck. It ends games through the damage boost, and also can devastate your opponent’s board. Set up your chakrams by swarming the board as best you can in previous turns. Soulshatter pact is another option that helps you set up lethal, and can be used to trade up and clear the board in a pinch. Shadowdancer is great against aggro decks, and betrayal is particularly great at punishing people for playing EMP. Deathfire crescendo isn’t as good as it is in other swarm lists, since we don’t flood as hard as traditional swarm. You can still put lethal together with it though, especially in conjunction with some of your removal spells.

  • Card Draw:
  • Spelljammer
  • Bound Tormentor


This deck can end games quickly, and also relies on BBSing as much as possible, so you don’t need a ton of card draw. Spelljammer helps with hands that empty quickly, which you will sometimes have. Bound Tormentor is aaaaalways played around, so it loses a lot of value. Think of it as a card that replaces itself, with the upside of sometimes nabbing you a 0 mana wind dervish (lol).

  • Random Donks:
  • Skullprophet
  • Thunderhorn
  • Primus Shieldmaster
  • Redsteel Minos

These creatures fill out your curve and offer a few niche tech options. Redsteel is just beefy, but not that exciting. Thunderhorn I think is just the best creature in Duelyst (also great combo with daemonic lure). Primus is the only provoke in your deck, which can really come in clutch in some matchups. Skullprophet, unlike bound tormentor, is almost never played around by your opponent. I think the card’s value is somewhat inflated value for me, because I have seen so many opponents misplay around it (attacking into 2/2 creatures, etc.). YMMV on that guy.

Cards tested, but cut:

EMP – not proactive for our deck. At 7 mana we want to be threatening lethal.

Demonic Conversion – Cute, but too swingy. With a highlander deck we want to mold our deck to be as consistent as we can. This card led to some huge blowouts, but it also just whiffed a lot of the time.

Chirpuka – This card has amazing synergy with Mythron Wanderer, but is too easily played around.

Prismatic Illusionist – Has anti-synergy with Wanderer, since you are trying to play as many minions in your deck as possible. Your BBS procs the illusionist, but that interaction isn’t strong enough to warrant its inclusion.

Inkling Surge – Good cycle, but not enough impact. Would often end up rotting in my hand as I did better things than make wraithlings.

Sarlac the Eternal – Infinite 2/2’s are great, but the random positioning can often ruin this card. Not enough sacrifice cards in the deck to make this card worth it.

And that is the deck!


You can discuss this topic more here on Reddit


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