Highlander Lilithe

Lilithe Highlander

Good Evening Duelyst, and welcome to the 2nd edition of Evening Review. Today we are going to take a look at Highlander Lilithe. Originally I was going to do a write up on Lilithe Swarm, but after playing a ten game set and going 4-5-1 I concluded it is straight garbage(tier 3ish).  I got handed this list from IntellectPresent, thanks again mate. I had to make zero adjustments and went 6-4 on a pretty fast set. I am fairly confident I can turn another of those games over if I play it a little differently, and I can say with some confidence that this is the deck to play in Abyss. Although to be fair, I have not taken a look at mid-range Maehv. From what I have seen of Maehv, watching Ash play it on stream, and bumping into it on the ladder, I have not been impressed.

What was good or should be “core”
There isn’t anything critical to the deck except Darkfire sacrifice and Mythron Wanderer, so there is a lot of flexibility if you want to customize the deck. But, you must remember that the deck is going to play out a little differently each game. Although you can tweak the deck a good deal there are a lot of cards that you probably want to include no matter how you are going to try to customize it. I would recommend keeping, furiosa, cryptographer, gloomchaser, ephemeral shroud, bloodbound mentor, bloodtide priestess, desolator, thunderhorn, furor chakram, shadow dancer, and necrotic sphere. Additionally if I was going to start adjusting this deck I would not play around with the drop count as IntellectPresent has already got a smooth curve setup. If I wanted to make any changes I would substitute the same mana cost.

What wasn’t good
There are going to be games you look at your hand and you know you pulled some of the weaker cards. Additionally, you want to make sure you replace every turn looking for darkfire sacrifice. Because an early wanderer is insanely good this means sometimes you have to make hard replace decisions. Most of the games where you do get an early wanderer you are going to win. This has the effect of putting you in some awkward hands that don’t curve out well or whose pieces don’t have a lot of synergy. Of course you want to puke stuff on the table, but sometimes the pieces come together in a way that it requires minimal effort from your opposition to clear them. Also they don’t have to respect that you could kill them because they know that it is low percent you have a kill combo nation in hand. This also changes the way you play deathfire crescendo. You will want to play it for value instead of killing people with it. I mention this because it will probably be an adjustment for other swarm players as well. To summarize the deck is going to make you decide how you need to play it each game, and that decision can make or break you. It will make you distinctly aware of why having a game plan is nice sometimes.

Bottom Line
Deck has hands that autopilot themselves and put your opponent on the back foot quickly. It can produce that “what were they supposed to do” game were you just win, and it has the “I’m not out of the game until I’m dead” feel to it. It does however require a good working knowledge of the meta because you are not always going to have a direct path or game plan. This deck requires very fluid play. I would say that this is not a young player friendly deck and is probably a tier 1.5 or 2 deck in a young players hands. However, in an experienced pilots hands this deck is a Tier 1 caliber deck, so if you are an Abyss main and you want to stick to it “do or die” then this is the deck for you. Even if you are a young player after 20+ games you are going to get a good feel for this deck and you can make S-rank with it.

Guys if you enjoy what we have to say and the work we do make sure to bookmark the site and share us with other players. We are trying to help the community grow and the best way to get players to stick around long term is for them to experience success. So, help out a brother and let them know about us.

Love you guys and see you tomorrow,

Lilithe Highlander



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