Cassy Creep

GGH returns to the Duelyst writing community
Evenin’ Duelyst, its Goodguy Hopper(GGH) back and plowing through deck archetypes and relearning the game. After a detailed conversation with Kirabi I became convinced that I should be writing to promote Duelyst. Kirabi is a pretty awesome dude with a good vision of how to help promote Duelyst by the way. So, you should book mark this page and make it part of your daily/weekly routine signing in to Duelyst.
You know that chill moment when you are kicking off the shoes, giving the main the phone call, and dinner isn’t quite finished? That is the moment you should come here and give a daily five to what is going on in the world of Duelyst. We will do all the leg work of finding the best info for you, so you won’t have to hunt around 😉

What is the Evening Review Series?
Part of what I will be doing here is a blog series on the weekends for sure and possible some of the weekdays. This series “Evening Review(ER)” will recap some of the deck technology space that I am exploring. What this really means for you is that you will be able to find compact knowledge on how a deck preformed in S-rank. What worked and what didn’t. This will save you hours of testing, hopefully compressing the critical information into ~5 minute enjoyable articles.

An evening of Cassy Creep
After returning to Duelyst and putting in the climb to S-rank I had unlocked all of the new generals except the one for Abyssian. I flipped through some of the new cards looking for ideas. I know that there is already a solid highlander list floating around, and there is obviously still Swarm/combo as all of the pieces are there. One of the things I found missing from my short review of all of the other factions was a Tier 1 control list. So I set my sights on trying to create some type of Cassy Creep Control.

The Structure and some of the good stuff that becomes “core.”
Losing Sphere of Darkness hurts but Yielding Depths did not seem like a bad substitution, and in fact it proved very strong.
Unfortunately Painful pluck will not place creep underneath the enemy general even if all of their minions already have creep under them. If their minions do have creep under them it will place the creep in a random free location. This results in you not having access to a direct method of putting creep under the enemy general except Shadow Nova. So, those first couple slots fill themselves up quickly. I am not sure if you can get away with cutting Painful Pluck and still run Yielding Depths using only BBS and Abyssal Crawler. If you can there is some design space there that is definitely worth exploring.
Darkspine Elemental proved to be a solid two drop for the deck, and while I do believe that there may be some design space there it won’t be high priority, and may prove to be “good enough as is.” Bloodbound mentor is really good in this list and makes a nice transitioning play on awkward starts.
Abyssal Juggernaut in tangent with Thunderhorn mean you nearly always dominate the 4 mana slot, as no one can match you for threat potential. Especially when you get to back those bombs up with whip.
Finally, Rite of the vault is still busted as a reload and go. So there are a lot of positive things going on here, and I found myself going into mana six dominating the board state often.

The not good stuff.
This is where you should start to look to make changes and I’ll also talk about what I did that did not work.
Tried Grandmaster Variax as a finisher which worked really well for me as a one of in the past when I played some Cassy control lists. Short story is that it is not good anymore. Whether it is because of the meta changing or it is because the card costs more to put into play I can not honestly say because I was not there for the transitions. It is no longer a good way to change your threat types.
I also tried and scrapped Betrayal, it seemed like it could be really good, but it always sat in my hand looking impotent. I’m not one to really keep trying to make something be good. If it isn’t shining then cut it.
Abyssal Tormentor is currently in the linked list, but it is trash. This is the current card that needs to find a replacement, but it was getting late and it was time to start writing before I went to bed. My suggestion is Spectral Revenant as a direct replacement. As to how this changes the rest of the deck, it means that creep is probably less important. You will be able to lose shadow nova now, but I can not see far enough in to know what you pick up for it.
Minor note that I tried Darkfire Sacrifice in an early rendition of this list and it is a no go in this deck style.

Bottom line
This deck probably shapes up into a tier 2 deck unless I am overlooking something major. This deck can take total control of the midgame in the 4-5mana range and has the mid game to capitalize on any small mistake or unlucky moment your opponent gives you. Unfortunately it doesn’t have a great way to close the game. It really needs an Obliterate or even a Ghost Azalea would go a long way. With Spectral Revenant being more expensive the 6-7mana turns are underwhelming turns where all you can really do is chain out your 4 mana bombs, which isn’t awful but may not get you there.
Tournament viability wise this deck didn’t seem to have any auto win matches to justify it as a deck #3.



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