Duelyst Decktionary #1: Brome The Indomitable

Duelyst Decktionary #1: Brome The Indomitable

By GrincherZ

(This article is posted with the permission of GrincherZ. For more content by this creator check him out on Twitch, Youtube and Twitter)

I haven’t had as much time this expansion to stream or produce videos as I recently got a new job that’s been eating into my priorities. I hope to have this sorted out by mid-month in April.

Anyway, I thought I’d do a quick overview of a fun deck I’ve been playing off-and-on.

Brome The Indomitable

Indomitable Brome

List: https://imgur.com/57YpuUu

This list is a greedy, value hog who wants nothing more than to spam 4-5 mana power minions then spend the rest of the game reviving them as many times as possible. The deck itself is more effective than one might think as dealing with constant Ironcliffes / War Exorcists can be problematic. Add in Grandmaster Z’ir + Indominus for extra thicc Lyonar big boy goodness and you’ve got a recipe for “Ughhh again?!” being constantly let out by your opponent.

Mulligan Look for Thunderhorns, Aperion’s Claim, and 5 mana minions. Aegis Barrier is a plus as it allows you to plan your power turns against most decks where they cannot easily counter the minion and might be forced to kill it.

I have Silverguard Knight in this list as well as an attempt to deal with hyper aggressive matchups but I will try not to play it before I’m able to revive as it is less effective than a revived Ironcliffe.

General Strategy The real power in this deck comes from the fact that you can usually survive to 7 mana just by forcing the opponent to react to your first few minions. At this point it is crucial to start slamming those Aperion’s Claims. Circle of Life can help mitigate earlier big units but Claim is the real hero here. Once Claim has been played all of those Fortified Assaults start seeing some real value. This makes for extremely powerful tempo swings late game where you spend 1 mana to remove 5-8 health on a unit and play a large creature in conjunction.

Once you have a tile or 2 on the ground Vale Ascension comes online. This is where the real fun begins.

Tokens are not minions

Some might ask doesn’t Brome’s Crestfallens interfere? The answer is no, they cannot be revived. This is awesome because the extra survive-ability that these little guys afford you is quite substantial especially at 9 mana where you can play one almost every turn. Key positioning with this BBS as well as minion management can really prove annoying for many decks.

Known counters Let’s face it, Vetruvian just straight up counters slow minion decks, I can’t promise amazing results against Blood of Air + Sandswirl reader especially since the latter counters Aegis Barrier. So this matchup is pretty much a wash and I would go into it with this knowledge and try not to let it bother you.

Closing Now I don’t think this decks OP or Tier 0 but it is definitely one of the more interesting play styles to use against a lot of decks that are cheesing out combos or forgoing strong answers for quick gains. I offer this up as one of the many new decks I’ll be doing for this series of write-ups. Hopefully down the road I’ll find time for recording again but for now this’ll have to do.

Enjoy this replay as a sample of its power: https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-L9Y71NVpo4eDQPihkMd

For any questions on the deck you can join the discussion on Brome The Indomitable Reddit


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