Deck Discussion: Strategos Brome

By Kirabi



Welcome everyone to the first deck discussion on The Bad Magmar site. Deck Discussion is where we talk in great detail about some interesting decks in the game. Now I would love to say that I’m a long-time CCG or TCG player or that I’m a tournament-winning Duelyst player or even a perennial S-rank player who regularly plays among the best. But I’m just your average diamond player who has made that rank almost every season I have played. So in terms of technical proficiency I am not the right person to be writing these pieces as there are far better players who have more experience and games played with these decks.

So why read what I am saying? Understanding my limitations is the best tool I have in my toolbox. Knowing I’m not the best allows me to seek out information from others and not discount someone’s point of view based on my ego. My opinion is the collective opinion I gather from other players. When I write these I will reach out to good players for their view of these decks. Anyway, welcome to Deck Discussion.

Kolos Grand Strategos Brome v1.

Freud Grand Strategos Brome v1




Deck Overview

The most talked about deck of the new Trials of Mythron expansion is a Lyonar Swarm Grand Strategos deck. Swarm by my understanding is a tempo archetype. Tempo decks constantly try to get on the board and overwhelm the opponent. The core parts of Grand Strategos Brome is the Lyonar Swarm package which includes Golem Metallurgist, Celebrant and Warblade. In addition to an Auroara package which is Zxy, Dream Gazer, Azure Herald, and any minion with one attack to buff Auroara. This was a functioning deck that floated around tier 2 on most tier lists waiting for a favorable meta to climb into tier 1. This is the Lyonar Swarm deck that has been around for a while. Adding the new destiny effect coupled with the small minions and Lyonar buff spells creates an amazing result on board. I think that is the scariest part (or the most exciting part) with Grand Stategos.

What pushes the deck over the top is Grand Strategos which makes the deck function somewhat like a combo deck by grouping together a bunch of cards for a near or immediate win condition. While it is not the traditional combo-style deck, playing 10 minions 12 minions with 1 or less attack activates an inevitable win condition through the destiny effect Promote, which turns a minion on the board to a Lyonar minion at one cost higher. At first glance this doesn’t look that strong but in active play it’s very strong because of the multiple small minions can be constantly put on the board turn after turn. Either the person runs out of removal and is overwhelmed by the swarm or one of the minions sticks on the board long enough to turn into one of Lyonar’s power minions. It is this inevitable outcome combined with solid Lyonar removal that makes this arguably the best deck in the current meta.



Important Cards


Obviously the key to the deck. When this card comes out on curve it is a very strong play.

Probably the most important card in the deck after Strategos. One of these cards counts as 5 for the trial and it makes the trial fairly easy to complete. Plus Truesight is a 6 drop so when it is promoted it turns into one of Lyonar’s three 7 drops. He also has synergy with Auroara and can get a couple of sneaky lethals from that combo as well.

Zyx and Jaxi are two early, easy procs which enable the trial. Zyx’s cheap cost also allows it be squeezed into many plays


Tech Cards


Two minions that don’t see play but have unique applications in the deck. Every time Sarlac is summon it procs the trial. Ash Mephyt is very good after the trial turning into three Lyonar 7 drops.

Two of these minions could be key to a different approach to the deck on that doesn’t require getting out the trial as quickly as possible, but a more measured approach. These are more stable minions (When I first started this piece minions had to be played away from Brome but now Brome has been changed to where the base attack counts so now Silverguard Knight, Second Sun, and Sol Pontiff are better in the deck).

You have a couple different options to use in your deck for draw.

Holy immolation is one of the strongest spells in the game. It has been cut from the deck but it is a strong option.

Show Case Video

In the future I plan to be doing these videos but in this case Tactical Gamer made a great video which showcases the deck.



Counters to this deck


Magmar makes for a good counter with all the AOE and this deck has a sudden win condition.

Another deck that was doing fairly well at against it. Strategos doesn’t carry much AOE and can be swarmed early by this list. Also it is Magmar so they have board clears to deal with your minions.


This deck uses stuff like Venom Toth and Starfury to take advantage of the fact Lyonar likes to play lots of small minions and also has enough burst to  sneak out wins before Lyonar can set up its win condition.


The general key to beating this deck is pressure or having AOE to keep Lyonar’s board under control. In addition to these decks here stuff like Aggro Cass/Faie or Kaelos or Ziran tech out more AOE normally so they also do well against the deck.


Should the deck be nerfed?

I have heard arguments from both sides but my inclination is to say yeah it should be nerfed.The reason is something I learned from watching the community’s reaction to Saurian Finality. It was possible the game could have been centered around Finality but players hate the type of decks needed to counter it. So the complaints for Grand Strategos remind me very strongly about Saurian Finality even though there were decks that beat it like Artifact Songhai or Burn Faie. If players hate the type of deck that counters a deck, that deck will get nerfed at some point. Given how much players dislike aggro/burn I can’t see players being happy in a meta where those are the strongest decks. I think there’s are a way wider variety of counters to decks today than in the Saurian meta. (While writing this post Grand Strategos was nerfed from 10 to 12 minions need to complete the trial)

Discussion points/questions

  1. Although it is early in the metagame do think you think that Stategos Brome is the best deck in the game right now?
  2. What do you think is the best counter to this deck?
  3. What card or cards do think are essential to Stategos Brome? Are there any cards or tech cards that you added to the deck that you think nobody else adds but should?
  4. What do you think of the card Stategos? Would you like to see it changed still? If so, what you would change if you were the developer after seeing the card’s performance?
  5. When playing against this deck do you feel like you have a fair chance to win if you are playing better than your opponent?


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