Tournament Report – April 6th

Ward el swordswoman


Duelyst Tournament Report 4-6-2018



S Rank Snapshot


 Srank Snapshot

Cayman Kaelos

Opening Thoughts


  • A short Tournament Report this week
  • Expansion Hype
  • Last Regular Week of Team War Week 13

Monolith Climb #1

Bracket 1

Bracket 2




Monolith Climb Vods

Day 2

Day 1

The first Monolith Climb tournament happens last weekend and it was a pretty interesting event.It was the first big solo event since the expansion drop and it had a pretty good field of players in it for the prize I believe of 150 dollars going to the winner of the 32 man field. The final day came down to  Briguy, SoGood, MunkBusiness, and Kolos, so three of the four finalists are some of the names we expect to do good in competitive duelyst. The finals end up being Munkbusiness and Chiyochandesuguu aka Kolosthedragon. Both of these players are Duelyst Grandmasters who competed in the Duelyst World Championship.The finals came down to how these decks post above match up and performed against each and in closer series than final result indicated Munkbusiness won the day and the prize. If you are interested om joining the next one I believe they announced the next Monolith climb to take place on April 21 and TM87* will probably post the details soon.


*  TM87 announced that he will post a breakdown and some the deck played on the stream so be on the lookout for that in the future.

Team Wars 5

Playoff Standings

1.Meltdown Town 10-2

2.Juvey’s Disciples 10-2

3.Astral Crusaders 8-4

4. Black Boxers 8-4

5.Blood Bound Brothers 8-5

6.CoCC 8-5

7.Serpenti Squad 7-6

8. Free Wins Here 4-8

9.Misplay Display 4-9


With last week of Team Wars coming up the only that remains to decide is the final spot and who will finish with the best overall record. Meltdown Town and Juvey’s disciples have been consistent through the weeks of Team Wars so it will be interesting to see if one them slips up at the end.The Matchup of the Week I think Free Wins Here who possibly can miss the playoffs with a loss and Juvey’s Disciples. The other interesting matchup is Black Boxers vs Meltdown Town a matchup of teams who players most would say have a good chance to win it all when the playoffs start.Misplay Display also has a difficult route ahead to make the playoffs with CoCC. This should be a good week of games with pride for the number spot on the line and last spot in playoffs on the line.


Head to Head Week 12

Juvey’s Disciples(6-2) vs Three Moves Ahead

Free Wins Here vs Meltdown Town(6-0)

Blood Bound Brothers vs Black Boxers(6-3)

CoCC(6-3) vs Alabakis

Astral Crusaders(5-1) vs Always Replace Last


Top Performers Week 12

Zabiool(Serpenti Squad) 6-0

RHacker(Meltdown Town) 6-0

Nicklaren(Astral Crusaders) 5-0

Sibon(Juvey’s Disciples) 5-1

MinMaxer(Black Boxers) 4-2

Xaliver(CoCC) 3-1

Zabiool completed I believe the second real sweep 6-0( ImprobableBlob had the other one) in this Team Wars 5 season

Factions Stats


Week 12


Factions Wins Losses Percentage
Lyonar 6 8 42.86%
Songhai 7 7 50.00%
Vetruvian 13 8 61.90%
Abyssian 1 6 14.29%
Magmar 16 8 66.67%
Vanar 1 7 12.50%


Factions Wins Losses Percentage
Lyonar 120 106 53.10%
Songhai 125 109 53.42%
Vetruvian 98 113 46.45%
Abyssian 68 111 37.99%
Magmar 141 101 58.26%
Vanar 94 105 47.24%
646 645 50.04%


Time again for another Faction break down.This is the first one I have done since the expansion hit and now we have a glimpse of ladder and Monolith climb tourney to put the number into perspective as well.The big surprise is Lyonar having only a decent day but it has been mention by several people in the community that Magmar is probably the best counter for the current Lyonar build because plasma storm is a huge a weapon. I would have to check breakdown of the Vet decks but another good counter for the Lyonar trial decks is Vet decks who can push out a big burst of damage in a single turn so it can finish Lyonar before it setups its trial. So it makes sense that these decks are good I think the results moving is going to reflect this reality Magmar, Lyonar, Vet are the top factions*, Songhai is slightly behind but if someone figures out a good build they will be relevant

I think the bigger surprise than Abyss being bad is Vanar performance this week. Vanar is supposed to have a really good decklist so I guess people are experimenting with other stuff which is why Vanar didn’t do as good this week.I honestly don’t where to rank Vanar I just haven’t seen a lot of them but I do expect them to do better moving on into the future.I think there is a strong Kara Mythron Wanderer deck waiting to be made once people figure out what is right in the list. Abyss is once again the worse faction but the expansion gave them good stuff but it wasn’t what they need to do good metagame. Abyss is in BADLY need of a good Aoe card and that combine with no early game board presence or general no good board presence either and you get why Abyss is struggling.Once Abyss gives up on running the Trial I think they will do better but It looks like another long 4 months of Abyss being the worse factions unless nerfs and buffs happen. I think there is a light at end of the tunnel though because I think have the tools good to work and what they got in this expansion are actually pretty good and when they get a little more support they will be very good you can see hints of that in Unlimited where Lurking fear and Creep decks are very good.

*Please don’t kill me I know it is early, So yes thing can change for example Lyonar Trial got a slight nerf (and buff) already

Week 12 Deck List links





Team Wars 5 Week 11 and 12 Vod


Tournament News


The Ostracon




embla Ward el



  • Brome is strong
  • Still working on the format of the tournament report









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