The Church of the Mankantor :Trials of Mythron Magmar Card review

The Church of the Mankantor :Trials of Mythron Magmar Card review

Time for another state of the Magmar aka The Church of the Mankantor thread.It is our favorite time of year when new cards are around to be reviewed by us the players of Duelyst.

Explanation of the Rating Scale

1-Never use this card

2.This card is a Meme.You can play it and have fun but using serious competitive play will be a hindrance to your deck at times

3. You can put this card in your deck on occasion with synergy it will do something great but on most times you can play something that can do better

4. These cards can be played in competitive play and will be good a lot of times

5. Meta defining card and when you play this card it generally increases your chance to win



When the card was shown there was a lot of talk being Skorn 2.0 and in most factions, in Duelyst that means it would see play as clear early counter to swarm but in Magmar.It is competing with Ragebinder on the most versatile 3 drops in the game and fact the Magmar has Rebuke/Plasma Storm/Mankantor which is pretty good counter to swarm. If Hyper Swarm becomes a force then a quicker answer like Krater might become necessary but more than likely this card only see use in Amplification and Twin Fangs deck which have been solid but not spectacular in the past. Because of the previous mention Amplification, this card might see play as people believe that is one of the keys to using Hatefurance as it is one of the best targets for Amp.

Rating 3/5

This card will see fringe competitive play


Mortar Maw


Ranged is one of the strongest keywords in all of Duelyst.Stats on these minions are carefully applied so that they don’t run out of control.Mortar is no different and while it has one strongest keyword and secondary ability to boot its stats greatly limit namely its 4 health makes so it has a low chance of surviving when it on board.


Rating 3/5 This card will see fringe competitive play

Angered Okkadok

This is a pretty straightforward almost boring minion. The first time is played 2/3, Second time 3/4 and Third time 4/5. All these stats line are the competitive numbers in duelyst.3/4 is the ideal for 3 mana minion and 4/5 is ideal for a 4 mana minion.So anytime this minion is played after you get minion with ideal stats for higher mana cost for only 2 mana. With the card Mirrorimum, you can have this extremely hopefully gameplan of growing cards because a 2 mana  5/6, 6/7, 7/8 start to get pretty silly.


4/5 This card will see competitive play




Arguably the most talk about card of trials of Mythron set.And it is one of the most divisive cards in the set. At first glance, this card looks amazingly strong with rush being arguably the strongest keyword in the game and this card gives every card the ability to that but as you look closer you start to see the cracks.Deck construction this deck has to carry almost 9 spells and 9 early game minions which limits the big play ability of this deck.The release of more cards has shown that Hatefurance deck will have OTKO potential World Core Golem.


5/5 This card will see competitive play and will have an impact

Gargantuan Growth

  This is a bad card. The set up to make this card usable is not worth it.Maybe I am proved wrong and the new grow minion makes this card usable but I doubt it.

1/5 Avoid this card

Beastclad Hunter

 This card is the definition of solid.Nothing too fancy to talk about put a buff on it force your opponent to use hard removal on it. It is great board control tool and the style of minion they should pushing in Magmar my opinion. You can make an argument for this card being lower like a 3/5 but in my opinion is not because this card is bad but because the next card coming up is a monster.

4/5 This card will see competitive play



They skip the 4 mana 7/7 joke by giving it one less health and everyone knows this card is no joke.This card changes how you build decks and approach Magmar. Haruspex makes you

1.Carry something capable removing a 2 drop deny Magmar from getting the tile
2.Make sure keep Soft/hard removal in your hand to remove the card.

Please understand that is metagame now not building a deck that can do these things will lead to you losing because if you let Haruspex be played and you can’t answer or deny you have to back off allowing Magmar to get mana tiles and develop more strong minions that need to be answered.And you just lose the game



5/5 This card will see competitive play and will have an impact



This is a pretty good spell it is no thumping wave but it is much healthier design than thumping wave.It is buff and stun which makes it versatile and you will find a place to use it in many games.This looks like the third buff that is going to in Hatefurance decks to make that deck work.

4/5 This card will see competitive play

Deep Impact

Deep Impact

If I am reading this correctly this spells pings a minion and reduces it is health to one. Basically, It is a equality from Heartstone that targets one minion and that is pretty good I think. It has a low enough cost to enable it to be a combo with Krater, Spirit harvester and Quilbeast plus some other pings in the game.

4/5 This card will see competitive play


KatastrophosaurusExtinction  Event

Quite honestly this card should be a meme but the answer to multiple eggs on the board is to often drop an Emp. This card has a solid play in Ragnora and interesting set up with Chrysalis Burst or Progenitor.So it could see some fringe competitive play but more than likely it is a meme.

Rating 3/5 This card will see fringe competitive play




For me how useful this card will come down to how well it can be multiplied in Magmar.If you can get extra one or two is amazing. 3,6,9 is decent but healing for 12 or 15 for two mana and playing something could be back-breaking.This card could replace earth sphere in some decks.

Rating 3/5 This card will see fringe competitive play

Mitotic Induction


You can Flash Reincarnation out a World Core golem on 7. You put answer or die pressure on them but on the next turn .You use Mitotic Induction and egg morph game over.That is the fringe case but I think that showcase the power of the card.You have a nifty combo at 6 mana that can do some cool stuff.I think it will probably end being a meme because a competitive deck doesn’t have the space to carry a tech card like that and they will be stuff more useful.

Rating 3/5 This card will see fringe competitive play



I could give some big long explanation why this card is good but simplest explanation.If this card is dispelled it is a 3 mana 2/5 which is decent stats and that is what grow cards need to be successful.A usable body if something goes wrong.

4/5 This card will see competitive play

Zoetic Charm

Zoetic Charm

We have been asking for something to protect egg since they were introduced now we got a card that does that.It makes every rebirth minion at least 3 hits which means.If I have this equip and flash out my Silthar Elder. It is going to stick even if someone has Blood of Air and that makes me happy

4/5 This card will see competitive play


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