Tournament Report – March 3rd

S Rank Snapshot

Srank top25





Opening Thoughts


  • Yeah, I missed last week Tournament Report don’t worry it is not going anywhere.
  • This week version is smaller than normal you fall one week behind on something like Team Wars it is pretty hard to catch up
  • Good News on the Tournament front F8D is back and says he will be doing tournaments again. Which is exciting because for a long period in a way he kept the Duelyst tournament scene alive. Also, He puts extra effort into the tournaments he does and goes above and beyond in his planning which is really appreciated
  •  I was going to do a small write up on my Team Wars experience and might at later but this week pretty fun getting to experience Team Wars from the other side after writing about it so much.The short story is out of nowhere call-up to play in a game against a very good player in very close series(5-5 believe). After a ridiculous misplay/mismanagement of time, we managed to recover and win the game.Thank you to Blood Bound Brothers for the experience. My first tournament win in CCG was a unique experience.
  • Expect another small tournament report next week(an expansion is releasing guess what I will be doing)



Team Wars  5

Overall Standings

Wins Losses
Meltdown Town 9 1
Juvey’s Disciples 9 1
Bloodbound Brothers 8 2
Black Boxers 8 2
Astral Crusaders 7 3
Concede or Continue Crying 6 4
Serpenti Squad 5 5
Free Wins Here 4 6
Misplay Display 4 6
Alabaskis 3 7
Always Replace Last 3 7
Three Moves Ahead 1 9
March of Warriors 1 9

With only three left here are the standings in Team Wars 5. As you can see the standing are close and almost no teams are out of a chance to make the Top 8 and the playoff spot. The standing at the top remain tight and Meltdown Town and Juvey’s Disciples remain tied for the number one with Blood Bound Brothers and Black Boxers also with very real shots at coming in at one. The future has many interesting showdowns like Week 11 Meltdown Town vs Blood Bound Brother matchup. Week 12 Blood Bound Brothers vs Black Boxers Week 13 Black Boxers vs Meltdown Town in the race for the overall crown. The Last spot also is an interesting showdown where 4 teams are close to each other for that final spot and any one of them have a chance at it.

Head to Head

Blood Bound Brothers vs Concede or Continue Crying 6-4

Juvey’s Disciples vs Misplay Display 6-2

Black Boxers vs March of Warriors 4-2

Meltdown Town vs Serpenti Squad 6-3

Free wins here vs Always Replace Last 6-1

Astral Crusaders vs Alabakis 6-2




Top Individual Performers

56u7 6 0
Meziljie 5 0
ImprobableBlob 4 1
Yukarin 3 1
Jim9137 3 1
YerBoiJosh 3 2

Weekly Faction Stats

Factions Wins Losses Percentage
Lyonar 8 7 53.33%
Songhai 16 10 61.54%
Vetruvian 4 10 28.57%
Abyssian 7 10 41.18%
Magmar 12 7 63.16%
Vanar 6 9 40.00%

Normally I would do a breakdown of the stats but throw them out of the window.On Tuesday the 27 everything changes in Duelyst and these current numbers don’t mean much anymore. We enter the most exciting period in any meta and something pretty rare in tournaments.The strongest deck builder is going to shine in this period.Duelyst is not the biggest game and statics aren’t well kept so it is very possible to bring decks that are very good and nobody else has any idea about them. The people who just net deck just the best meta-decks shouldn’t do that good in this period

Team Wars Deck List

Week 10 Decklist 

Week 9 Deck list

  • To better use my time only the list format in a certain way are put in Decklist. You can find all decklist on Team Wars Discord Server


Drake Dowager

 Tournament News

Monolith Climb

Monolith Climb

Prize update

The Ostracon Tournament

Here the last known information found on this tournament will be looking for further updates



Duelyst Round Robin

Looking for information on the tournament will update when more information is found

Race to S-rank

Looking for information on the tournament will update when more information is found

Unnamed  Invitational Tournament by F8D

Looking for information on the tournament will update when more information is found

Duelyst Melee

Every 1st, 3rd and 5th(If there is a fifth one in the month) Saturday of each month will be Duelyst Melee.

Rookie/Amateur  Melee News




Amateur Melee will now be hosted on the 2nd Saturday of the month and Rookie Brawl will be on the 4th Saturday of every month.


Constructed Brawl

Looking for information on the tournament will update when more information is found



Duelyst World Championship News

Juveyd(Sept 17,2017)

The folks at Bandai Namco are currently planning Season 2, and will be sharing the full outline with you all once they have finalized it.



-The art this week is by Erick Ly check this artist work on and

-If you are interested in helping out Tournament Report or The Bad Magmar please let me know. You can PM on Discord,Reddit or here

-The Overall stats should be back next week if I can drag myself away from playing Duelyst



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