Tournament Report – March 10th

  S Rank Snapshot

Opening Thoughts

Rip Tear One

Singhfold,  Bladecrustacean,  Ghostihosti,  Linkarl,  Hempmind, and Themightybaloon. The team decided that they would not be able to continue to so they disbanded. This is reminder to anyone who joins Team Wars in the future this is a commitment of time.In perfect world you join with your friends in the same time zone and close the same schedule and all you will get on support each other as you play.The reality some times you end up on a team were only a couple of you are really friends,You guys have real life important issues,Different schedules. You are losing games,personalities are clashing  and the experience isn’t fun.If I had to guess some of those thing are what lead to them not being a team anymore. Anyways you should seeing some of the members of  Tear One on other teams in Team Wars.

Time and Team Wars

For this tournament it is pretty disrespectful in my opinion to be a flake with time and not take that part seriously.This is one of things that happens later on in the team wars tournaments players get tired of commitment of doing this every week and some start to flake.This is not talking about any specific team or person this just a general observation. My opinion if you think you are going to get tired after couple weeks or real life stuff is going to come up don’t join up that is what I did basically . The tournament organizers have done some cool things to be flexible with time but from outsider perspective it is silly that 90% games don’t take place under same 6 to 8 hour window with other 10% games happening other times because real life happens.The hardest thing about this tournament is people not making their time commitment.

So Why is The Tournament Report on Saturday?

And speaking of being a flake with time.Real Life stuff and playing Duelyst has kept me busy.Don’t worry it will be on time in the future.




Team Wars  5

Meltdown Town 7 1
Juvey’s Disciples 7 1
Blood Bound Brothers
6 2
Concede or Continue Crying
7 1
Black Boxers 6 2
Serpenti Squad 5 3
Astral Crusaders 5 3
Misplay Display 4 4
Alabakis 2 6
Tear One
Always Replace Last
3 5
March of Warriors
1 7
Free Wins Here 1 7
Three Moves Ahead

Head to Head

Tear One vs Misplay Display(w)

Serpenti Squad(5-3) vs Free wins Here(3-5)

Meltdown Town(5-6) vs Juveys Disciples(6-5)

Black Boxers(6-2) vs Three moves Ahead (2-6)

CoCC(6-4) vs MoW(4-6)

BBB(0-6) vs Astral Crusaders(6-0)

Alabakis(4-6) versus Always replace Last(6-4)

This was an exiting week in Duelyst  Team Wars where the last undefeated team in Duelyst team Wars finally got the first loss on their record.Now we have a log jam at the top of 7-1 Teams and Black Boxers and Blood Bound Brothers just one game behind of those teams at 6-2.Who will finish the season as the best team is up in the air. The big surprise of the week is Astral Crusaders annihilation of Blood Bound Brothers.


Top Individual Performers 

Dragall( Black Boxers) 6 wins

Improbableblob(Astral Crusaders) 6

Nangert(CoCC) 5 wins

Zabiool(Serpenti Squad) 4 wins

Mycroft92(Always Replace Last) 5 wins 1 loss

PixelLegionnaire( March of Warriors) 3 wins  1 loss

AlphaCentury(Juvey’s Disciples)  3 wins 1 loss

56u7 (Free wins Here)  3 wins 1 loss

Munkbusiness(Meltdown Town) 3 wins 2 losses

Team Wars Tournament VoD

This week instead of the highlight stream they did head to head with Juevy’s Disciples.  If you didn’t watch this one of better played series I have seen played in long time. It was very tight match that came down to the final game it is worth the watch if you want to see some high level Duelyst play.

Weekly Faction Stats

Wins Losses
Lyonar 82 74
Songhai 80 76
Vetruvian 56 75
Abyssian 60 76
Magmar 99 71
Vanar 66 71

Factions Wins Losses Percentage
Lyonar 9 8 52.94%
Songhai 8 10 44.44%
Vetruvian 1 10 9.09%
Abyssian 5 11 31.25%
Magmar 28 6 82.35%
Vanar 2 8 20.00%

This is my favorite week Team Wars so far for the faction breakdown.Every week I try to read a little into what is going with the stats.The sample size in Team Wars isn’t big enough to give you a full perspective on everything going with game but it does give you a great place to start asking question or making a statement.This week statement is that when piloted but some of the best players in the game Magmar is very good. Magmar isn’t a one trick pony either both Vaath and Ragnora appear to be solid.

Vetruvian struggles continue to happen contradicting the general thought process Vetruvian is strongest faction in the game has several cards need of nerfing. We are never going to get the answer in this tournament because the expansion will hit before the playoffs.And the general thought process would be when the good players and teams are focused on winning Vetruvian is going to do really well.

Team Wars Deck List


Tournament News

Duelyst/Rookie/Amateur  Melee News

Every 1st, 3rd and 5th(If there is a fifth one in the month) Saturday of each month will be Duelyst Melee. Amateur Melee will now be hosted on the 2nd Saturday of the month and Rookie Brawl will be on the 4th Saturday of every month.

Duelyst World Championship News

Juveyd(Sept 17,2017)

The folks at Bandai Namco are currently planning Season 2, and will be sharing the full outline with you all once they have finalized it.

End Notes

  • The Individual stats had slight more mistakes than thought in the next couple weeks they will be back
  • Coverage of the other tournaments in Duelyst isn’t as good I want to be working on getting the announcements and report out early enough for it to be useful for those tournaments





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