Spoiler Season

It is Spoiler Season time so soon(Monday March 5) we are going to get see and discussion all the amazing new cards coming to duelyst

In the little spoiler picture we have several little hints of what is to come.I am going to take some guesses off the picture

Indominus(Lyonar Legend )– Looks big and the name Indominus also gives off the impression.With 3 Legends already taking up the 7 spot in Lyonar.My guess it will either be 6 or 8 drop.With a slight chance of it being a 5 drop minion.

Orizuru(Common )– Another flying minion in duelyst obviously but it looks the weak generic minion to show off expansion theme.Orizuru means paper crane like the ones used in Origami

?????TH Canopic(Epic )– Not much to go on but a “Canopic jars was used by the ancient Egyptians during the mummification process to store and preserve the viscera of their owner for the afterlife”

 Gibbet(Rare)-The size might indicated an earlier minion.For some reason it is giving me aggressive vibe from it. Gibbet when I look it up meant Gallows or instrument of public execution,

 Red Okkadok(Common)– The first thing when I saw name my mind went to okey doke which means to pull a trick. Now since it is Green it could be a Magmar minion but the color scheme doesn’t match Magmar so that is not likely

 ????udcaller(Vanar Legend)-Not much to go on it is obviously not Flood or Storm caller.

 ?????ing Mystic(Common)-Healing mystic is now not the only Mystic in the game.It looks flame like to me so I am guessing Searing Mystic

My big guess that expansion takes place in Xenkai which is the Songhai area. All of the with fighting minions and now the birds I have been getting a mythical Asia type vibe from what I am have seen so far.What do you think?




Streamer Schedule

Date Time Streamer
Monday, March 5 12:30pm PST Son of Makuta
Tuesday, March 6 5:00pm PST Collazo
Wednesday, March 7 4:30pm PST Scarzig
Thursday, March 8 9:00am PST Ghostly Tuna
Friday, March 9 3:00pm PST Freud
Saturday, March 10 7:00am PST Captain Frost
Monday, March 12 7:00am PST Hsuku
Tuesday, March 13 12:00pm PST F8D
Wednesday, March 14 4:30pm PST Sen
Thursday, March 15 4:30pm PST Grinch
Saturday, March 17 8:00pm PST Sylvermyst





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