Tournament Announcement Meta Retreat #2

Here is the announcement for the Meta Retreat Pauper format tournament  that will take place on Sunday, March 4th 2018 12:00 PM EST

By Omega0zero

“The Ostracon would like to announce another Meta Retreat this weekend! We will be revisiting pauper format, this time with a restricted/ban list. Here’s what we have so far, please remember that this list will be evolving over the course of the week so please double check on the battlefy page for updates on the list.

The Orstracon

Tournament Link


The following cards and any cards with similar effects are now banned from pauper format due to being able to get Legendary and Epic cards to hand or on board:



Astral Flood


Snow Rippler

Golden Mantella

Blue Conjurer



*This also includes any other cards that have a similar effect that may not be listed

The following cards are restricted in pauper format due to being huge swing cards and potentially overbearing on a fun format:

EMP was 3 now to 1″




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