Tournament Report – March 1st

Duelyst Tournament Report 3- 1- 2018



I am still working on the format to make this good a read. Since I have started they are couple more tournaments and I want to give them deeper coverage as well. But the Tournament report only exists because the Team Wars organizers track and record stats which everyone has access to and I just come in wrap them neatly in bow with a little commentary. It is one of things other tournaments should be copying and it is much easier to do for the small ones.

Another thing that I have to mention is post who wins the tournaments.That was big goal when I first started this I knew that tournaments were happening in Duelyst and I even knew was winning them but the general community who don’t follow the game as much me have no clue. If you make a tournament post who wins on Reddit and the forums. Even if the games don’t get casted live or put on youtube. Duelyst has the advantage the replay system you can ask the tournament winner for replay links and share them in the thread. I am still going to the Tournament report to help in reguard but awareness is key so people can play in your events

I am working on small improvement on this site towards competitive and tournaments play. I added a tournament calendar (when I figure out permission system well enough i will add the link) and you could just add your tournament on it. Since most people seem interested in the tournament or tier lists I will start focus more on being good in that area. I really want to add some sort of history winners and archives of who won certain events.So below you will see one of the first entries that will make it in the Tournament history archives.

The Grandmasters


It is good to have reminder of Duelyst World championship and the players who earned the title Grandmasters. I hope that we finally get some information towards what is happening with that event


S-rank Snapshot

Srank snap shot



Team Wars  5

Meltdown Town 7 0
Juvey’s Disciples 6 1
Blood Bound Brothers
6 1
Concede or Continue Crying
6 1
Black Boxers 5 2
Serpenti Squad 4 3
Astral Crusaders 4 3
Misplay Display 3 4
Alabakis 2 5
Tear One 2 5
Always Replace Last
2 5
March of Warriors
1 6
Free Wins Here 1 6
Three Moves Ahead
  • I believe this correct numbers with everything adjusted I will have double check with organizers


Head to Head

Always Replace Last(6-4) vs Three Moves Ahead(4-6)

Juveys Disciples(2-0) vs Tear One(0-2)

March of Warriors(4-5) vs Alabakis(5-4)

Meltdown Town (6-5) vs Concede or Continue Crying(5-6)

Astral Crusader(6-3)  vs Misplay Display (3-6)

Blood Bound Brothers(6-4) vs Free Wins Here(4-6)

Serpenti Squad(6-2) vs Black Boxers(2-6)

This was really interesting week with some close match up. Meltdown Town finally got pushed competitively and step up challenge. The big surprise is Serpenti Squads take down of Black Boxers take them one step down out of the very competitive group at the rankings.


Solarpie(5-1) Blood Bound Brothers

Kieran(3-0) Astral Crusaders

Niklaren(3-1) Astral Crusaders

Icicle (3-1) Serpenti Squad

Icefirey95(3-1) Alabakis

Rhacker(3-2) Meltdown Town

It seems like YerboiJosh decided to take the week off but it was no issue because his teammate Solarpie pick up the slack and showed that Blood Bound Brothers aren’t one man show and Yerboijosh might have a Pippen ready to back him up going foward. Solarpie got 5 wins with much discussed about Abyssain .The Duo of Niklaren and Kerian with 3 wins a piece made it an efficient week for Astral Crusaders.I remember someone in discord saying the best Healnar was Argeon. I thought they were joking at the time it looks like they might have been right.


vanar cuberush

Tournament VoD

Meltdown town cast





Weekly Faction Stats


Factions Wins Losses Percentage
Lyonar 8 9 47.06%
Songhai 9 9 50.00%
Vetruvian 8 10 44.44%
Abyssian 16 13 55.17%
Magmar 11 10 52.38%
Vanar 7 8 46.67%
Wins Losses
Lyonar 73 66
Songhai 72 66
Vetruvian 55 65
Abyssian 55 65
Magmar 71 65
Vanar 64 63

So about Abyssian being bad is it time to stop saying that or is Team Wars big enough sample size games to change the narrative? I remember saying last week that all the factions were pretty close and the last couple weeks Abyss has been trending average in their performances. This week it looks like Abyss finally broke out with a good performance. And know we have the awkward stat the player base of recent has been pretty vocal about Vetruvian being stupid( It is stupid) and Abyss being the weakest faction( It is the weakest).

This feels to me like a situation in HS were the devs to come in tell us that we have stats saying that Vet has been performing as well you guys think and Abyss is actually performing better than we are saying. The big takeaway for me is that i want more stats and I would love see more detail stats of what is being played in Srank at least(we know they don’t want give out numbers for the whole game).Rip MMR Host

What is your thoughts on this are you surprised that “worst” and “best” factions have the same exact record . Are surprised that Lyonar, Magmar and Songhai are so close as well pretty much even? What is standing out to guys?


Team Wars Deck List

 Here are the deck lists for this week

Week 7 Album

Free wins here

Always Replace Last

Individual Player Stats

Alabakis Win Loss
IceyFire95 4 4
Arcticlion 4 5
Always Replace Last
DaCapoDeath 4 6
Kiranearitachi 4 6
Incorrigable 3 6
Mycroft92 9 7
Songyangle 3 6
Xeus 6 4
Astral Crusaders
Kieran 8 3
DeathsAdvocate 2 7
Rocken 5 1
XateAorora 7 5
ImprobableBlob 3  1
Niklaren 6 6
Black Boxers
Dragall 4  1
Maser 8 5
Kolos 4 2
Yukarin 5 5
Minmaxer 8 5
Nowayitsj 6 5
Bloodbound Brothers
YerBoiJosh 24 7
MagisterSieran 2 4
SolarPie 9 3
Jim9137 2
Sylrie 5 3
Concede or Continue Crying
Crnakypadnu 3 6
Xaliver 5 6
TM87 10 3
Seedy 7 5
Freud 10 4
Nangert 2 5
Free Wins Here
Sadfaceguy 2 5
Arxil 3 5
56u7 5 5
Birdetta 3 5
ISuchAtThisGame  2 6
Muzzyrella 6 9
Juvey’s Disciples
Sibon 4 3
Juveyd 4 1
Ryvirath 4 2
Briguy77 7 1
Alphacentury 5 4
Meziljie 4 3
Misplay Display
Starkly 11 2
IntellectPresent 8 9
Boronian 9 5
Leglock 1 2
Shadowzab 6 7
Meltdown Town
RHacker93 17 6
Munkbusiness 7 3
Dalboz 5 3
Henrykator 7 3
Serpenti Squad
Icicle 11 6
EurasianJay 4
Tm25md 5 3
Collazo 3 5
Zabiool 9 4
Mrmana3 7 5
Tear One
Singhfold 4 4
Bladecrustacean 2 4
Ghostihosti 3
Linkarl 4
Hempmind 2 6
Themightybaloon 7 10
Three Moves Ahead
ST00KS 2 6
Nivv 12 15
LEL 3 5
Keegan 4 7
SirOmega 6 9
  • March of Warriors I gone to add their stats when I get time
  • If your stats are wrong, Scream at me in discord i will change them


Bakaneme Klaxxon


Tournament Results

META Retreat #1 Results and Decks

Tournament News

Tournament Announcement The Monolith Climb Monthly Tournament

Meta Retreat

Tournament Announcement Meta Retreat #2

Duelyst Melee News

Every 1st, 3rd and 5th(If there is a fifth one in the month) Saturday of each month will be Duelyst Melee. Amateur Melee will now be hosted on the 2nd Saturday of the month and Rookie Brawl will be on the 4th Saturday of every month.

Rookie/Amateur Melee News

Every 1st, 3rd and 5th(If there is a fifth one in the month) Saturday of each month will be Duelyst Melee. Amateur Melee will now be hosted on the 2nd Saturday of the month and Rookie Brawl will be on the 4th Saturday of every month.

Duelyst World Championship News

Juveyd(Sept 17,2017)

The folks at Bandai Namco are currently planning Season 2, and will be sharing the full outline with you all once they have finalized it.

Alga songhai minion



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