Team Wars 5 Mid Season Report and Stats

Since I couldn’t sleep and I want to be able to more accurately give the stats and records for Team Wars.I was up working on spreadsheet( I will link it when I clean up a little) that I could easily adjust week to week so I could give near official updates.Small note this Fan Art by Eric Ly is awesome




Overall Standings



Meltdown Town 5 0
Black Boxers 5 1
Blood Bound Brothers
5 1
Concede or Continue Crying
5 1
Juvey’s Disciples
4 1
Serpenti Squad 3 3
Astral Crusaders 3 3
Misplay Display 3 3
Alabakis 1 1
Tear One 1 4
Always Replace Last
1 5
March of Warriors
1 5
Free Wins Here 1 5
Three Moves Ahead

Everything here is unofficial but I used the official spreadsheet to update everything. I know some sort adjustment is being made since Alabakis was added later as new team when they official make the adjustments it will reflect here. As you can see the records are very close at the top middle and bottom.So when the 13 week tournament comes to close every team right now has chance make the final 8 no team should be out of it completely.



Faction Stats

Wins Losses
Lyonar 65 57
Songhai 63 57
Vetruvian 47 55
Abyssian 39 52
Magmar 60 55
Vanar 57 55

The overall faction stats at the mid way point is very interesting.It looked for awhile that Lyonar wasn’t doing well then they made a big surge.You should give the devs a little credit because the game right now is very balance.The big surprise is  Vetruvian ,if you poll the players in Duelyst I believe overwhelmingly you will get that Vet is the best faction as the answer by players but  the thing about Vet is that it has always has polarizing  match ups on the ladder you can’t focus in on it as much but in tournament you can and as strong Vet is right now Obelysk and Aggressive version will have problems against Magmar and Lost in desert mid range  one will have problems with Lyonar.


Another interesting surprise has been Vanar if I get some time I will try to get some stats on this but I will just say that where every faction brings a interesting amount of other generals. Vanar has been a ridiculous amount of Faie regardless of the nerfs that happened awhile back Faie is still really good the other two Vanar generals have been almost non existent. The only “weak” faction has been Abyssian but the last three weeks of Team War Abyss has been performing about at average range. If Team Wars is reflective of the actually metagame then the  question to ask is can you get every faction into 50ish range? Is this Metagame  the best you can expect? Already mention Vanar but if 1 out of 3 generals competitive meta worthy is that good enough? If one Abyssian General was legit top contender you could say this is one of the best metagame ever right?


Individual Player Stats


Alabakis Win Loss
IceyFire95 1 2
Arcticlion 3 4
Always Replace Last
DaCapoDeath 4 6
Kiranearitachi 3 5
Incorrigable 2 5
Mycroft92 7 7
Songyangle 3 5
Xeus 4 3
Astral Crusaders
Kieran 10 3
DeathsAdvocate 2 5
Rocken 1 1
XateAorora 7 5
ImprobableBlob 3
Niklaren 3 5
Black Boxers
Dragall 4
Maser 8 4
Kolos 4 1
Yukarin 5 4
Minmaxer 8 4
Nowayitsj 5 4
Bloodbound Brothers
YerBoiJosh 24 6
MagisterSieran 2 2
SolarPie 4 2
Jim9137 2
Sylrie 4 3
Concede or Continue Crying
Crnakypadnu 3 5
Xaliver 3 5
TM87 9 2
Seedy 6 4
Freud 9 3
Nangert 2 4
Free Wins Here
Sadfaceguy 2 4
Arxil 1 4
56u7 5 4
Birdetta 3 4
ISuchAtThisGame 5
Muzzyrella 6 8
Juvey’s Disciples
Sibon 4 3
Juveyd 4 1
Ryvirath 4 2
Briguy77 5 1
Alphacentury 5 4
Meziljie 4 3
Misplay Display
Starkly 11 8
IntellectPresent 7 8
Boronian 7 4
Leglock 1 2
Shadowzab 6 5
Meltdown Town
RHacker93 14 4
Munkbusiness 6 2
Dalboz 4 2
Henrykator 6 2
Serpenti Squad
Icicle 8 5
EurasianJay 4
Tm25md 5 3
Collazo 3 5
Zabiool 8 4
Mrmana3 5 4
Tear One
Singhfold 4 4
Bladecrustacean 2 4
Ghostihosti 3
Linkarl 4
Hempmind 2 6
Themightybaloon 7 8
Three Moves Ahead
ST00KS 2 5
Nivv 11 13
LEL 2 4
Keegan 2 6
SirOmega 6 8

Nothing Much to say about this there is one clear stand out YerboiJosh with 24 wins.


  • I will get one of tournament organizers to clearly explain the rules in the next couple weeks .But don’t get to caught up in stats not everyone plays due how the match goes so when your teammate goes 5 and 0 only one other player might get play in that match.
  • March of Warriors switch couple of players around so that makes getting there stats harder so i didn’t do it as yet when I get sometime i will .Also if other teams changed players then some of the stats are wrong.
  • I am not 100% accurate,I make mistakes so there is very likely mistake in those records if you see any let me know and I will try correct it as soon as I can do it.

*Made error with Black Boxers corrected it

Team Wars Decklist

Week 5 Team Wars Week 5

Week 6 Team Wars Week 6

I started Week 5 collect Deck list in Imgur Albums,When I get time I might put the old decklist up as well so you can see how the teams evolve as the tournament goes on.




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