February Tier List Watch.

It is time again for another Tier List Watch. This is going to be probably the last one of this meta before the expansion hits and maybe the last time you see many these of these decks at the position they are in right now. We are in the middle of one of the most stable metagames in Duelyst and stability means there is some level of predictability. Anyway here are the the Tierlist

**GrincherZ wrote a good post to keep in mind while you looking at Tier List Tier List are subjective


Grincher Z is a content maker(Grincher Youtube) and Streamer Grincher Twitch one of the most consistent and experienced Duelyst players at my posting this Grincher is number 26 in S-rank


February 2018 Tierlist - Patch 1.93

GrincherZ tierlist


Freud is among the best players in Duelyst consistently has finishes in the Top of S-rank and has had held the S-rank 1 spot several times.He is also a content creator you can find Freud streaming at Freud Twitch. At my posting of this Freud is S-rank number 3


Freud Tier List

IceyFire95 is captain of Alabkis Team War team and currently Srank 39 when i was posting this thread

Iceyfire95 Tierlist



 Top tier comparison

Grincher -Midrange Desert, Obelysk Zirix, Tempo Ziran

Freud- Aggro Zirix , Tempo Ziran,Mid Range Vaath

IceyFire95– Obelysk Zirix, Tempo Ziran, Combo Ragnora, Desert Zirix

The top ranks are very similar to each other. The surprise entrants in the top the tier list are Mid Range Vaath which in theory has the tools to give the Ziran and Vet trouble and Combo Ragnora which can consistently do it’s combo win condition and of course is Magmar and has those tools which should in theory give Ziran and Vet.


Second Tier Comparison

Grincher- Aegis Lyonar, Control Ciyphron, Mid Range Vaath, Ramp Faie, Mid range Reva, Combo Ragnora

Freud- Combo Rag, Obelysk Zirix, Mid Range Reva, Deci Starhorn, Titan Argeon

Iceyfire95- Midrange Vaath, Mid Range Reva, Ramp Faie,  Arcanyst Shidai, Hyper Swarm Lilthe, Golem Zirix

They are couple of similarities in the second of tier lists mainly Combo Rag, Mid Range Vaath, Decispikes Starhorn,Ramp Faie and Mid Range Reva.You can really see the individuality of the list and what the players value in the what looks to be the surprise pick in each of the them Grincher has Aegis Argeon,Frued has Titan Argeon and Iceyfire95 has Hyperswarm Lilthe.


Combined Tier List

Tier 1 Tempo Ziran,  Mid Range Vet

Tier 2 Mid Range Vaath, Obelysk Zirix, Combo Ragnora, Ramp Faie, Deci Starhorn. Mid Range Reva


What are your thoughts on the tier lists do you agree?







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