Tournament Report – February 21st




Duelyst Tournament Report 2-21-2018

S-Rank Top 25 Snapshot

Srank top 25

Team wars 5

Weekly standings Top 7 (unofficial)

Meltdown Town (5-0)

Blood Bound Brothers( 5-1)

Black Boxers(5-1)


Juvey’s D(4-1)

Misplay Display(3-3)

Astral Crusaders(3-3)

Serpenti Squad(3-3)

Head to Head

Serpenti Squad 6-3 vs Three moves ahead 3-6

Juveys D 6-1 vs March of Warriors 1-6

CoCC 6-5 vs Always replace last 5-6

Black Boxers 6-2 vs Alabakis 2-6

Meltdown Town 6-3 vs Misplay Display 3-6

Astral Crusader 6-1 vs Free wins here 1-6

BBB 6-1 vs Tear One 1-6

Top Individual Performers 

Minmaxer (Black Boxers) 5-0

Kieran (Astral Crusaders) 4-0

Freud (CoCC) 4-1

YerboiJosh(BBB) 4-1

Dalboz (Meltdown town) 4-1

Icicle (Serpenti Squad) 3-0

Mycroft(ARL) 3-1

Tournament VoD

Faction Stats

Lyonar 19 9 67.86%
Songhai 11 13 45.83%
Vetruvian 7 9 43.75%
Abyssian 7 10 41.18%
Magmar 4 8 33.33%
Vanar 11 10 52.38%

Team Wars Deck Lists

Team Wars Decklists

Tear One Tear One

Free Wins Free Wins

Always Replace Last Always Replace Last

Erikly Drauglord

Tournament News

Meta Retreat

SirOmega here! I’m pleased to come to the Duelyst Community with a new tournament called the “Meta Retreat.” In this tournament the format will be a rotating between different rules and limited card pools. I made this tournament realizing we are lacking in something a little bit more on the fun side. I wanted this tournament to be fun and open to players of all skill levels and with limiting card pools in different and interesting ways, it would allow that to happen. So here we are the rules all fleshed out and the first format selected.

This first format for the Meta Retreat tournament is Pauper Format! It’s one of the most common limiting rules in card games and might be one of the most fun. Having a deck made with only commons and rares will provide a variety of decks and interesting ideas to be made. The first tournament will be hosted this coming Sunday, 02/25/2018 beginning at 10AM PST. The tournament will also be hosted in a Swiss style bracket, this may change based on how the community reacts. This tournament is being run by myself and not with TMA.

Speaking of that I have also officially stepped down from running Duelyst Melee and I will no longer be functioning under Three Moves Ahead for the future of any tournament I host. This decision was one to allow a bit more flexibility in running tournaments and to bring more diversity in the tournament scene. The decision to leave was met with no hard feelings and I continue to be friends with everyone from the organization.


I left TMA to run my own tournaments, the first one I’m hosting is called Meta Retreat with a rotating format, starting with a pauper format. Here’s the link to my tournament Meta Retreat

Duelyst Round Robin

Hey all, due to @siromega starting his own similar tournaments, the schedule for this has to be changed, thus i’m changing this to 10 days for play and possibly every other week.

excited to announce next week’s Duelyst Casual Round Robin Tournament – Rougelyst Edition!

This is an unscheduled tournament – you have ten days to play as many matches as you can/want in a round robin format.

Prizes are awarded as follows: 10 core orbs for the top-ranked player; 7 for 2nd place; 5 for 3rd; 3 for 4th. In addition, there are 3 core orbs reserved for the top-ranked player who’s never been above gold; 2 for the 2nd, and 1 for the 3rd. All participating players receive a free core orb (in addition to any prizes).

This week’s format is “Rougelyst” – No meta decks! Here are all the banned decks: Midrange Desert Vet, (lost) Obelysk zirix, Tempo Zir’an, Combo ragnora, Burn Faie, Ramp Faie, Alabaster Titan, Midrange Vaath, Midrange Reva, Control Ciphyron, Mantra and Hyperswarm Lilithe, If you suspect your opponent to be playing any of these decks, contact me (Not Flygon#7216) and send me the replay. – Remember that OTK ghoulie deck that you tried to play? You can play that now, without the meta!

View more details and sign up here. You need to sign up by 4:00 p.m. GMT (+0) on Monday, February 26th (11 a.m. EST). The tournament runs until 19:00 pm on Saturday, March 10th.

Cayman Kaelos

Race to Srank

Quote from GrincherZ

“I plan to do this every month(as my personal schedule permits) and can only hope to improve upon itself each time. I will also open categories that allow for more players to participate on their own time. Things like: Lowest Number of wins to S with a window of a week or something, highest win streak, and more!

February R2S was a blast but I’m already gearing up for March with new ideas to include more players in this exciting event and I hope you are too!”

Duelyst Melee News

Every 1st, 3rd and 5th(If there is a fifth one in the month) Saturday of each month will be Duelyst Melee. Amateur Melee will now be hosted on the 2nd Saturday of the month and Rookie Brawl will be on the 4th Saturday of every month.

Rookie/Amateur Melee News

Every 1st, 3rd and 5th(If there is a fifth one in the month) Saturday of each month will be Duelyst Melee. Amateur Melee will now be hosted on the 2nd Saturday of the month and Rookie Brawl will be on the 4th Saturday of every month.


Duelyst World Championship News

Juveyd(Sept 17,2017)

The folks at Bandai Namco are currently planning Season 2, and will be sharing the full outline with you all once they have finalized it.

Bakaneme Klaxxon



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