Duelyst for Dummies 1: Intro to Duelyst

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What is DUELYST?


Duelyst wiki gives the perfect explanation of “What is Duelyst” so I am just going to post that right here because I don’t think i can do a better job.”Duelyst is a online collectible card game (CCG) that is played between two players on a 9×5 board. At the beginning of the game, the board is occupied by the players’ Generals The goal of a game is to reduce the health of the other player’s general to 0.

Each player starts with a deck of cards. Cards come in three varieties: minions; spells; and artifacts. Play takes place in turns. On their turn, a player may move their general and minions and attack adjacent enemies with their minions and general; summon new minions adjacent to their general, cast spells, and equip artifacts to their general. The player may also replace one of their cards. The player’s actions are limited by the amount of mana they have and the number of cards they hold. There is also a time limit of 90 seconds per turn.

The amount of mana available to the player increases every turn until it reaches its maximum. Players can also gain a one-time boost to their mana total by capturing one of the mana springs around the center of the board. Players draw an extra card from their deck at the end of their turn.”


Here are two very good videos about “What is Duelyst?”




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