Magmar Primer Part 3 Key Cards


I already wrote a section on Neutrals card which are a “Great Investment”.Well this is the Magmar section of that thought process. These next two cards are best long term in investments in Magmar in my personal opinion.




Mankantor is a multifaceted card that is good in all phases of the game ahead, behind and even states.



Lavaslasher is another card that can be used with a multi purpose it can be used as removal or board presence.


These two cards stand out above all the other Magmar cards and nearly must plays in nearly ever Magmar deck


The Next in line

After the Mankantor and Lavaslasher these are cards other than basics (Natural Selection, Great fortitude and Plasma Storm that are in my long term value group.These next card set of cards are also very good but various reasons they occasional don’t get play in some Magmar decks. If you are unsure what to put in your deck these cards are good place holders until you figure out exactly what your deck needs.

Rebuke is flat out one of the best removals in the game they are few things in the game rebuke plus general hit doesn’t kill.




Flash reincarnation .Almost Everything people have ever complained about in Magmar this card was part of it Turn 2 Juggernaut, Lavaslasher, Mankantor Warbeast ,Turn 1 Sunsteel, Keeper decks, etc. Some change to this card would be the quickest way to lower the power level of Magmar.



Young silthar is one of the best 2 drops in game in terms of board presence a stable and sticky minion.



Ragebinder is basically the same thing at 3 mana stable and sticky, but also can be used a healing as well.



Earthsphere gives great survivability and at times push aggro decks right out of having a chance to beating Magmar.

The Basics 



Don’t overlook these three cards as they are not throw aways that will eventually go away as you get better cards. These cards will often have spots in your real deck and many times they will be key cards in those decks. This brings Magmar section to a close I hope these three guides gives you good idea of what the Magmar faction is all about .





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