Magmar Primer Part 2 Lore

Magmar Lore 

  • The Great Tree of Eyos petals ” landed on the exposed metallic chrysalises of the males of a rare species of sentient drake-like creatures protected by iridium exoskeletons. Deep within the volcanic mountain, untouched and untransformed, their Queen Mother would die alone, forever removed from the rest of her species. But on the surface, these thirteen males would become the immortal Magmar.”



  • The primordial, volcanic continent of Magaari is the home of the Magmar Aspects. The Magmar homeland has the Golden Chrysalis containing the remains of the last Queen Mothercounterplay-games-duelyst-atlas-2500



  • After the Touch of Eyos, the Magmar lived for hundreds of years. They also gained the ability to return to the chrysalis and be reborn anew, making them virtually immortal. Without their Queen Mother, they could not reproduce, but they were not leaderless — over time, a Magmar named Valknu became their alpha. Valknu, as their Prime Focii, discovered a way to save the Magmars’ deepest memories as a gift to their future selves. Each cycle required them to re-experience and reinterpret their memories in a process known as the The Dance of Dreams




One night, Valknu had a dream in which an inky cloud consumed the Golden Chrysalis and turned Mythron’s continents into crumbling ash. It weighed on him tremendously and after much meditation, Valknu made the decision to disband The Thirteen Aspects, splintering them away from God’s Heel.

 Callixylon fled to Southern Aurora

Jhorxia to the Dunes of Ma’or.

Ishtara to the Azure Mountains.

Nharmyth hid in the Emerald Vale

Paarnax to Shim’Zar Jungle.

Ka’al went to the Shadowlands

Taevarth went to the Forbidden Steppes

Yrsada to the Cobalt Isles.

Kraigon went to Ash Valley

Ragnora to the Obsidian Woods

Starhorn travelled to the Fist of the Four Winds, which guarded the secrets of the four elemental spheres, and eventually settled alone in the Whispering Blades.

Vaath returned to Magaari where he tamed the wild Makantor beasts near Mokvalar and used his magic to evolve creatures in the secluded Beastlands, metamorphosing them into the first Kolossi. He used Star Crystals to create new types of Golems near the Stormmetal regions and built the Amberhorn Citadel, where he invited all the sentient creatures on Magaari to join him.

Valknu remained in the Grand Trianon with Emperor Sargos, awaiting the encroaching darkness.








  • Valknu alone put up a fight against Rasha Lord Marshall of the Realm during his military coup, but was no match for the combined power of Rasha’s forces.  Rasha threw Valknu into the palace’s deepest dungeon and tortured him in a futile effort to learn the Magmar’s secrets. Though imprisoned, Valknu magically communed with his fellow Magmar, warning them of Rasha’s betrayal.


  • Having communed with the Weeping Tree, Valknu was aware of the blooming as well, and with Draug beaten and the Inxikrah weakened, he knew the moment to strike had arrived and the Inxikrah must never be allowed to access it. If the Bloodbound could engage the Inxikrah, they would be triumphant. If they allowed the Inxikrah to access the power of the Weeping Tree, the Bloodbound would fail and the Inxikrah would plunge the world into another age of chaos, a thousand times darker than anything Draug had inflicted.




  • The Abyssians and the Magmar fought alongside the Bloodbound, whose peerless magic countered the Inxikrah’s debilitating clouds of toxin. Throughout the night, Good’s Heel seethed with clashing combatants, a cacophonous cauldron of violence bathed in the extraordinary light streaming from the Monolith. As dawn approached, the Inxikrah finally broke under the combined might of Mythron’s champions, and so begun their retreat over the blood soaked ground, littered with the twisted bodies of their fallen. Valknu was torn: should he chase them down to secure Aperion’s clandestine location and risk leaving the Monolith vulnerable? Then, to his astonishment, he discovered not a single Bloodbound or Magmar or Abyssian had been lost. The Weeping Tree was safe – and so was the secret of Aperion’s location. The war was over.



  • There were six winners, one of each the Lyonar, Songhai, Vetruvian, Vanar, and Abyssian, as well as Vaath, the Magmar. They were called the Senerei, in honor of the original Seven Stars selected by Kaon Deladriss’ Trial of Champions. They would be the first to venture inside the Monolith in the sky, the first to see what the great blooming had brought forth. Tens of thousands came to God’s Heel from every continent to watch as the new Senerei, powered only by their own magic, rose in the sky and entered the Monolith.

Magmar Knowledge

The Magmar faction was originally called Abyssian because they were suppose to be an undersea race.JoxAnKy


  • The only confirmed Female Magmar units in the game are Taygete and Moloki Huntress

  • Did you know that the cards Grandmaster Kragion and Spirit of Valknu are members of the 13 Aspects



   Magmar Primer Part 3 Key Cards


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