Magmar Primer Part 1


Here is an introduction to the Big Green Dino Lizardmen Faction in Duelyst



  • Beefy Large end game minions (ala Silthar Elder, Juggernaut, Grand Master Kraigon)
  • Good Rush minions
  • Great Selection of Aoe Spells
  • Great Big finisher combos (Decimus+ Spikes, Drogon+ Cryptographer, Ripper+ Greater Fort etc.)
  • Good Ramp
  • Good Healing


  • Lack of movement boosting abilities for minions and generals
  • Lack of card draw (Vaath)
  • Mostly a slow build up minions, most threats take a turn or two to get scary
  • It’s difficult to remove your opponent’s Artifacts.
  • You don’t have extra card draw outside of neutral cards.
  • Many of your Spells and Minion effects can damage or destroy your Minions. Some can also damage your General!

Staple minions: Warbeast, Lavaslasher, Young Silthar, Decimus(Neutral, Starhorn)

Staple Spells: Flash Reincarnation ,Natural Selection, Earth sphere, Thumping Wave, Plasma Storm ,Tectonic Spikes(Starhorn)

Faction Specific Keywords and Concepts: Rebirth, Grow, Primal Flourish

Associated Keywords and concepts: Rush,Forcefield, Self-Damage, Golem

HS Comparison Druid(Ramp) mixed some control weapon Warrior with small hint of Warlock
Magic Comparison Green

Magmar Generals

Vaath the Immortal

Image result for vaath duelyst

Vaath is the first Magmar general you unlock in Duelyst.  Vaath bbs Overload is surprisingly versatile allowing you play control and aggro styles with him. Overload is one of the better bbs in the game you almost get value every time because something actually happens every time (unlike a bbs like Sajj or Ilena) which is Vaath getting +1 attack stronger everytime you push the button for your bbs. Vaath has been one of the most consistent generals in the game over the course of many metagames and is solid choice for new players because Vaath has a consistent gameplan which makes him hated for its simplicity when the faction is really good but is loved by the players who pick him and enjoy that aggressive style.Vaath Go face Vaath Smash. Vaath is a general that excels by being up close and personal.

Sample Vaath Deck

Starhorn the Seeker

Image result for Duelyst Magmar general tier

Starhorn the Seeker is the second Magmar General in introduced to Duelyst. You get Starhorn when you level Magmar to 11.  At the time when he was release Starhorn was one of worst generals in the game because the downside of his bbs seeking eye proved to be too harmful to overcome but that all changed when the game release Tectonic spikes. Tectonic spikes when combined with Decimus gave Starhorn the finisher that his deck need to be competitive in Duelyst. Probably the most difficult to master general out of the three Magmar generals but maybe the most unique out of the trio because Starhorn strengths card draw and direct damage at range through his burn style game play is opposite of Magmar regular strengths. Starhorn isn’t really recommended for new players right away because the damage management aspect of the burn style deck is a little difficult pick up for new players understanding how much damage you can take and how much damage others players can do take a little time to master. Starhorn is good choice if you like big green monsters but you also want to pretend you’re kinda range damage faction comboish spell faction Songhai.

Sample Starhorn deck

Ragnora the Relentless


Ragnora the Relentless is the third and newest Magmar general released in Duelyst Immortal Vanguard Expansion. You get Ragnora when you win 10 games with Magmar in standard ladder play. Ragnora emphasizes the rebirth/egg playstyle in Magmar where you use hatching egg back into minions to attack the enemy. Ragnora is a very strong general because the use of cheap core cards with your generals bbs. When you use Ragnora’s bbs followed by egg morph then greater fortitude you get a 5/3 Ripper with Celerity that can attack immediately on that turn .That 6 mana combo is the core of most Ragnora decks enabling you to pull wins out seemingly of nowhere at times. Ragnora is a strong general but that combo is very strong and takes up 6 card slots in your deck meaning that at times Ragnora might be more limited in the styles of decks you want to play with him. It is some effort to unlock Ragnora but is good deck for new players because many of the parts of the deck is cheap and traditional good Magmar cards like Mankantor and Lavaslasher aren’t necessarily need for success with Ragnora.Currently Ragnora mix of a simple gameplan,burst damage and cheap cards makes Ragnora a very good choice for newer players.

Sample Ragnora deck

Magmar Primer Part 2 Lore



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