“Great Investment” Neutral Cards to craft for the new player in Duelyst

“Great Investment” Neutral Cards to craft for the new player in Duelyst

“Great Investment” Neutral Cards to craft for the new player in Duelyst is the title but originally it was must craft neutrals and after much discussion on the forums i decide to change it because these cards aren’t necessarily the first cards you craft you can make an argument for other stuff.What I am trying to give you small duelyst insider view on cards that have most long term play potential. Meaning if you do decide to craft these cards they will have a use until either they are nerf or some vast metagame shift that nobody could see coming.  So if your strategy of card collecting is grabbing the value cards and building out from cards you never will want to turn into dust this is the right place

What do I craft first as new player and it is slightly complicated because the answer changes with the metagame. When new players start this game especially the ones who come from other card games they see the orange orb in the middle cards and expect similar things as legends in other cards. And the truth is in the middle they are some strong legends in this game but you will come to find Duelyst decks aren’t dependant on legends as other games



From time to time you will see a newer player say these words.”Duelyst is pay to win or Duelyst is too expensive to get into”.Those words are a red flag to me. They point to person who hasn’t played Duelyst enough to understand it. They are about 43 neutral legendary cards in the game while some them are usable Keeper of Vale, Magesworn, Trinity Wing,Decimus,Silver,etc. The only neutral legendary card you can truly consider a staple and show up in multiple decks and that card is SpellJammer. For all intents and purposes you can ignore every other neutral legend in the game.

Why Spelljammer is good?

The Duelyst devs are cautious in making any card that gives card advantage. So most draw cards in the game are either cantrips or symetrical draw.Spelljammer is no exception but thing is about Spelljammer you draw cards first.Which leaves a small dilema for the opponent at times. Leave the Spelljammer alive to draw cards for themselves or get this 3/5 off of the board.3/5 is significant enough body that you want to remove it Also Spelljammer is a great card for decks that don’t care about giving the other players cards like Aggro decks.


This card needs no introduction if you have been playing Duelyst lately you will have come across it.This card was in almost every deck at the beginning of the meta.Then it was slowly weed out until only the decks that could truly utilize T-horn well use him but then the nerfs to Magmar came and game became more mid range focused and T-horn is arguably the one of the best mid range cards in the game.

Why is Thunderhorn Good?

Take great aoe and stick it into a 4/5 body you and get one of the most useful minions in the game that can be played for it utility or just a solid body. Also Thunderhorn has innate synergy with many positional stuff in the game for example playing around Thunderhorn makes you play in stuff like Decimate and Lost in the Desert.


Hearthstone has Deathwing, Shadowverse has Bahumut, Duelyst has EMP. Okay that comparison is very much a reach but EMP feels just as bad at times and leaves that Big WTF body. EMP is one the card in Duelyst that pops out from decks you never expect it to be in like Wall Vanar or Artifact Sajj and somehow it never feels like a bad play.

Why is EMP good?

Think about everything fun you can do in Duelyst dealing with the board.Well EMP craps on almost everyone of those things and destroys artifacts to boot. Oh yeah it also has ridiculous 9/9 body.


If I got to vote for the best designed card in Duelyst then Cryptographer would be close to the top for me. When they added bbs to the game to me the bbs really didn’t feel fully fleshed out until Crypto was a card added in the game. It is one of the cards I hope gets moved to core set one day.

Why is Cryptographer good?

It weaponizes your bbs for example The Magmar general Vaath with cryptographer + bbs and then normal bbs goes to 4 and becomes something you don’t want to trade with it. The Vanar General Faie bbs spell becomes artillery basically and is part of the win con and squeezing out an extra bbs can be huge.

Special mentions

Commons: Azure Herald, Replicant, Skorn,Dancing Blades,Primus Fist, Shiro Puppy dragon,Red Steel minos

Rares: Lightbender, Sunsteel, Blue Conjurer,Owlbeast Sage, Zyx, Flameblood Warlock, Golem Metallurgist, Sojourner

Epics: Dioltas, Blood Bound Mentor

Legend: Nothing


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